"Run" No 1002



The 2010 Bash and Treasure Hunt – at one time considered for cancellation due to a weather forecast believed by the organisers to be far from sufficiently clement – was yet another Bash Success, this time centred at the extremely hospitable Fox & Duck in Therfield.

Private Parts and Double Entry proved what a great combination they are by forging an unbeatable partnership with White Rabbit as Los Tres Amigos beat off all challengers to scoop the acolade of H5 2010 Bash Champions as well as armfuls of goodies, such was the magnificent prize fund.

This they achieved by cycling around North Hertfordshire whilst unpicking, better than any of six other teams, the complex and sometimes disturbing minds that are Capt Fantaaaaastic and Shagpile. These two had set teasers in Kelshall, Sandon, Roe Green, Redhill, Reed End and Therfield such as would stretch the finest of minds, and just to make it more difficult had thrown in the random misdirection.

The weather held out – save for a shower which the Peckers avoided thanks to a phone box and the first two teams sent out thanks to good fortune (despite Lady Pee's puncture) – and H5 turned out in sufficient quantities to make it a super day for all.