Run No 964 (oh yes it was)

Sunday 20 December 2009

Pecker's Gaff, Letchworth

Hare: Pecker


Watch out Knotch

Seasonal Bangers 'n' Madge

Down down for Grace

Don't know quite how Pecker organised this.
By no stretch of the imagination was this BBQ weather - so he arranged a BBQ. And he got away with it. The whole Pecker gang - well two of them - put together a feast of soup, tatties and bangers and even kept us warm with mulled wine & mulled beer. Fantastic.
But his real coup had been performed earlier - when it looked as though those Gods of the elements (Team RA) had turned against him he conjured up a run with a built-in sledge run and ordered some brilliant sunshine to go with it.
We had a fantastic time. Capt F forgot his sore back. PP forgot he's an adult - we did tell him a few years ago but it doesn't seem to sink in. Knotch, Twiglet and Splinter

[missing lines(s): Archive Ed.]

Mekon, Split Blox and Fizzy turned up over an hour late but seemed to have an excuse.
FRB award to Walnut Whip Willy - when will we see that again? - and down-downs to assorted folk for assorted Forking type reasons.

So ON ON to a Happy Christmas and fantastic New Year (full of InterHash, Butlins, 999 and 1,000).

And over to Shagpole for his Birthday Lunch run which he will no doubt convert to Wurdz for your Festive Delight

Climbing the hill ...

... for a downhill race

How to scare away kids and dogs