Run No 963

Hare & Hounds, Old Warden

Sunday, 13 December 2009

(The Hangover Run)

Hares: Private Parts & Count Roadkill


Shaggy tries press-ups with his new friend

The Hash, together at last: well nearly

Lost property was recovered

The morning after the night before: certain partygoers were evidently too delicate following the Christmas Posh Nosh to make it to the run. A surprising number of the survivors did make it though, and gave us a numerically respectable turnout. Shaggy was first to the first check, and then proceeded to follow the correct trail while Captain F explored the falsie towards the church.

The second check demonstrated that it's not only top golfers that are susceptible to temptation: PP's ladies-check artwork proved too much for Shaggy to resist: so he checked it out closely! Meanwhile Screamer found the falsie (trail, that is) before a brief cold shower passed over [needed by shaggy at least ... ed]. Fortunately it did not last long and was replaced by clear skies and sunshine before the reputation of team RA could be tarnished further!

With the pack somewhat spread out Smiffo fell foul of the next number check and headed a long, long way back. At this point the pack was so spread out that not even G-String could be seen across the fields. A number of hashers were sent rearwards, including Bangers, Ringer and Legs; even Screamer was seen heading towards the back - at least for a few paces! Meanwhile the check was held for hash flash to take a group photo and for the unusually double-faced Double Entry to show off her callipygous qualities for the camera (also for Shagpile to employ one of his favourite words).

Forking had provided (stolen [or claimed .. ed]) a new hashit - as tested by Lady P on last week's run. A soup-erlative effort by the Count the previous night meant that he was first to have the honour of carrying it! Rapid was second to carry it - claiming it [some might say stealing it.. ed] for lost property while the Count was busy flashing. Truly was daydreaming all the while about large portions of Scrumptious cheesecake.

The end of the run provided the latest party game: how many hashers can you fit into a phone box (or something almost as large) without them spilling their beer? Answer: ask the Count! Game over - circle time, and the RA returned the large quantity of lost property including Shagpile's balls (which frighten Rainbow), The Count's hashit, Forking's shopping, Captain F's Santa hat and the Frau Kraft Rot's tiara: Double Entry appeared to be turning blue with excitement! Skippy celebrated her birthday with a display of resolute defiance, while disappearing inside a large fleece. Shufflecock discovered that the largest bag of rubbish was actually the toys for the charity collection - with the addition of at least one portion of coq-au-vin*. Evidently someone had too much vin last night: the nominations are....

On On to Peckers
*But fear not. All of the toys were rescued, cleaned up and handed over to a VERY appreciative lady from the Refuge at Stevenage. Many thanks to all who donated - the toys will be loved this Christmas.

Skippy, birthday outside circle

Shagpile, shows off balls

DE lifts photo ban for Christmas