Not known for his use of the internet, emails etc., it's not occurred to your Scribe to chase Bangers for Wurds. But, entirely unsolicited, he has come up with the following: not sure how much input Madge had, but a damn fine effort I think:
With the weekend forecast of heavy overnight rain on both Saturday and Sunday it was a difficult decision when to lay the trail. However with Forking's help we both put it down on the Saturday while it was still quite dry. Listening lo the rain LASHING down early on Sunday morning it was with some trepidation that I awoke to find that a vast quantity of water must have fallen so we set out early to find what remained of the marks...not much!!!
Luck would have it that the rain ceased at about 9:15 so a quick dash ensured that most of the trail was visible above the water level! With the car park available the first arrival was Thongo who thought it was about time he put in an appearance and in due course numbers increased until 15 hardy souls were ready to try underwater hashing. Pussies managed to arrive after going to the wrong pub and Lady P was seen hammering on the door, not to buy Ihe Count a pint but to live up to her hash name!
With not many pullox in view but a few hills on the horizon, the pack led by PP, Rapid Withdrawal and Captain F dashed off to find the first falsie whilst the elegant Double Entry calmly FRB'd to find the trail around the back lane. Some confusion ensued when the trail passed into the car park of the Cross Keys, through a field where hash flash was able to take a pic of Lady P sitting on a proper loo!! From then on much water was the order of the day. From the first held check the main pack dashed off along a much too obvious falsie while Underlay plodded around the field edge with much shiggy available.
Things got no better at the next check with a number led by Ringer getting it all wrong before heading downstream towards Greenfield, with a brief pause to watch two horses
[missing lines(s): Archive Ed.]
By now the water tower in Pulloxhill was in sight (perhaps it had overflowed) so with a safe run in along the road, the pack now well spread thought it was clear sailing to the 'On Inn' How right they were! As they rounded a corner and saw the road flooded for 30 yards from bank to bank it was obvious that a canoe was the best transport available. Much camera work was employed, the highlight being D.E in full flow in more ways than one with much goading from the pack. This was put in to clean your shoes before a gentle ON INN to the pub after 65 minutes of mud, sweat and water, and the sun shining concluded a good hash
A few bowls of chips helped to cheer us up. Down downs were awarded to Lady P and Pussies for their indiscretions and Underlay getting the FRB, and with no one celebrating anything PP bought things to a close with an ON ON to the Hare and Hounds next week.

Bangers 'n' Madge

Run No 962

Chequers, Pulloxhill

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hares: Forking, Bangers 'n' Madge

HASHERS: 15  MUTTS: 1  (well Madge)

The trail became moist and then ...

... Wet Wet Wet (no Holding Back the River) ...

... and Harriet XX tries to be Weightless

It was the day after the storm, the sun shone bravely over the route that in parts resembled Cockermouth - totally underwater. If you ever visit Pulloxhill it is a lovely little place with a church, village green, old buildings and a couple of pubs. Pussies Galore visited Pulloxhill and managed to go to the wrong pub. Her coming late was matched by Private Parts coming with the horn. His rousing alarm call stirred the hashers into life, sending them down tracks resembling rivers.
Scooby Doobie Doo was a notable absentee much talked about as he would have thrived all around the course. Madge was waist high in water at times. Lady Pee conveniently found a bog amongst all the wetness, a new trophy spotted, and with a bit of Cillit Bang is a hashit in the making.
With all the shiggy spraying around Count Roadkill wore a muddy facepack, because he's worth it. Ringer was a faller in the shiggy, perhaps because he forgot to bring his Legs. Wet Wet Wet, love is all around isn't it. Captain Fantaaaastic, found guilty of sex on the hash by fondly stroking a Humber classic car, claimed by Bangers as a model he once drove in his younger days when he possessed hare the colour of his fellow hair's (see pic).
Ideal weather for ducks as the water jump of about forty foot was too much for anyone to pass. Frau Kraft Rot was spotted at the water hazard wearing lederhosen as was Double Entry in knee britches whilst bravely wading onwards. It can't be forgotten that at the rear end, Thongo was only too keen to help Pussies who just couldn't get her leg over, the log being just too big for her.
Shufflecock carried out R.A. duties as team RA were either at sleepovers (Legs) being a hare (Forking) or just couldn't be arsed (Rapid Withdrawal). Underlay claimed the F.R.B. award for at times making a bow wave as she cruised ahead in the wet.

On on to the Posh Nosh Party and hangover run at the Hare and Hounds, Old Warden.

Forking Dickchair

Lady Pee at her convenience

The RA who could't be arsed

Underlay the FRB with a bow wave