Run No 961

Noah's Ark, Shillington

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hare: Capt Fantaaaaastic


In the jungles of Shillington ...

Scrummy and Underlay guilty as charged

After waking up on Saturday feeling a bit hung-over and what with a cold coming, I decided that I would lay the run on Sunday morning The forecast looked pretty naff, but it still seemed a better option to me. So, Sunday comes and I get up early and as I arrive at the Noahs Ark it starts to rain and the temperature plummets. However, by the time I finish, the rain has subsided and it can almost be described as pleasant.
Thanks to Lady-P for taking pity on the hare and kindly loaning him some gloves for the duration of the run. Truly arrives with barely three wheels on her wagon, as her rear offside was definitely looking less pert than it normally does [Entry-Entry does the Double Entendre thanks very much ..Ed].
ON-ON out of the pub and the pack shoot off in all three possible directions. Private Parts & Underlay must have blocked ear syndrome, because they blatantly ignore the feverish calls of on-on from the rest of the ensemble. Eventually we do follow the errant FRBs and leave the environs of the pub and head off towards Shillington Church. At the top of the hill. PP & Underlay get the comeuppance when they stumble across the first of the numbered checks (6 to the back, the hare joyfully trills)
It's on again and Lady P & Nik-Nak decide to check out one of the options at a walking pace. The rest of the pack take the proper trail and no-one bothers with the third option at all. This puts the hare in a bit of a quandary, so he decides to give Lady-P and Nik-Nak a short cut option as this seems the best way of them being able to keep pace with the rest of the pack.
Basically, the run continues in a big loop across fields and slippery bridges until we arrive back at the foot of the hill again. After checking all of the other options, the hash finally cotton on to the fact that the last fifteen minutes of running has been totally futile and the trail is up the hill back to the church and then off in a totally new direction in what turns out to be classic figure-of-eight trail.
The second part of the run was pretty uneventful but there was one memorable and fairly rare sight when White Rabbit took up the FRB mantle and raced through the field to lead the pack on the homeward leg.
The pack reaches the final third decision point, marked with the rather ingenious new hash clock symbol at 11.55. So to not prolong the agony, the hare decides to cut the run short and it is On-Inn back to the pub.

[missing lines(s): Archive Ed.]

arriving at the hash in sore need of a BJ (and I don't mean the hasher of the same name). There must have been more, but I honestly can't remember what they were for, or who they were awarded to. Sorry!!!

ON-ON to Run 962 at the Chequers, Pulloxhill and brought to you by team Bangers & Forking

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