Run No 959

Coach & Horses, Biggleswade

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hares: Airscrew & Donut


Underlay takes the hare's challenge

Deep in darkest Biggy ...

... and out in the country

Never rile the RA Frau Rot

After a wet and windy Saturday... Sunday turned out rather nice, blue skies and warm sunshine... a good day for a 'long' run, in fact a 1 hour 25 minutes run covering nearly 6 miles (GPS) to be exact. But spare a thought for the hares... (queue violins) after laying the run first thing in the morning, we only managed a 10 minute break before the Circle, so we did 12 miles!

The front runners were quick off the pace, so the Hares had to run double time to the first check. And just in time to stop Smiffo from running around a corner where he would have seen the On Inn.

Off the check, PP and crew quickly found the right trail up towards Asda, but luckily lost the trail, allowing the pack to regroup. The front runners headed into the Car Park only to be told 'bar" and it was back on to the road up around to the Town Centre. On the High Street Double Entry was hot footing it, towards the Baulk, but was called back as it was a false trail. Underlay then found a blob, but before heading the wrong way. On On was called by Forking down Hitchin Street. The pack led by Capt F searched and eventually found the bar check, as the rest of the pack caught up. It was then back into town and on on to the Railway station. Smiffo again found the correct route over the station bridge, but was luckily slowed down by a selection of bar checks. The rest of the pack then arrived at a check where Underlay took the 'challenge'.

Again Smiffo correctly chose the right route heading towards London Road, but a '4 to the back' kept him and his comrades busy The pack then arrived on London Road to a 'ladies check'. Screamer led the pack across the busy road and down Drove Road, before arriving at a bar. Gorjoyce chose correctly as the trail led lo the regional college. It was then through the college past the antiques fair and out to meet with the short cutters led by Donut. The pack then decided to see how many Hashers they could get into the Held Check circle. I believe 5 or 6 men huddled together, with Ringer squashed in the middle. When the huddle broke he did look rather bewildered and dazed.

Smiffo eager to get going led the pack, along with Double Entry towards the fields but a bar brought them all back. The pack weaved in and around the streets a little more before arriving on the edge of town next to the cemetery. The pack looking at their watches didn't seem too happy and this disillusionment in worse as they trampled along the paths before arriving at the Edward Peake Middle School.

It was then across the Potton road into the fields, at which point, CRK gave up and run off...granted it was 11.55...oddly the pack feeling the aches and pains, decided to make their own trail around the back of the houses, but sadly no, the trail led away from the town and more importantly the pub. Led by Forking, the pack made a few left and right turns before arriving at the gates to the railway line. At this point fish hooks and numbers checks were being ignored (kicked out) and even Smiffo's exuberance and lustre had faded.

Once we had a green light to cross, we ventured over the lines, into the housing estate next to the Common where we found a waiting Donut. The pack together, tired and thirsty made its way through the estate, losing Rapid at one point, but arrived together back on the Potton road. It was then a simple run down the road, around the Viceroy Restaurant and through the trees to the On Inn.

Down Downs (of which there were many): the Hares, FKR for 10 runs, Airscrew for 250 runs. Donut for 400 runs, Smiffo for soaking Rapid on the run. Shufflecock & Screamer - and Lady P for saying they look the same from behind. Lush - touting for business at the Railway Station. CRK for running towards a Retirement Home. Capt F - new car using the scrapage scheme and Forking for suggesting it. Team RA and Double Entry for the weather at 957. Naming - Gracie will be known as Skippy and Nikki will be known as Frau Kraft Rot (FKR)

On on to The Bull at Barton le Clay


Newly named Skippy

Deca Mug Frau Kraft Rot

250 Award for Airscrew

400 Award for Donut