Run No 956

Recreation Centre, Offley

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hares: Forking DC & White Rabbit


Happy Birthday Screamer

Does Lush dress in the dark?

Legs, 2xEntry disease by proxy?

What did you do with the spare hour on the day the clocks changed?

Shufflecock nursed his hangover from the beer fest, White Rabbit made two platefuls of sandwiches for nibbles and Lush Big Knickers still looked like she had got dressed in the dark [it's a joke Lush, we love you and your many colours ... really...... Ed]

Enough of that and on with the run. An upside down T' was the result of Smiffo carrying out woodman's work and moving a strategic branch with a flour deposit. Once the hash returned to the correct route it was Private Parts, Ringer and Rapid Withdrawal who found the first of many number checks.

Screamer also found a number check but denied all knowledge as she shuffled her feet to sabotage the evidence. Pussies Galore was also shuffling her feet uncomfortably before she succumbed to a pit stop.

The scenery was magnificent, team RA out in force laid on good weather and all made it as far as the route choice. The knitting circle including Thongo, Nicky, and Legs 11 were given a walking tour of Offley's finest sights by White Rabbit.

Those that took on the hash trail were treated to one of H5's longest 'On-Inns' at about three quarters of a mile. The view was worth it, pastoral scenes of sheep grazing in sunlit fields skirted by trees in autumn colour. Smiffo was FRB on the long uphill finish.

At Offley Social Club, there was a feast for all as we enjoyed White Rabbit's spread. Legs [FDC, you naughty boy ....Ed] was recognised in the circle for performing full RA services the previous week, how did she get served all the drinks from the bar?? Perhaps when older she can aspire to sinking pints of beer like birthday girl Screamer.

On On to the Cricketers@Weston ...


Smiffo clears the car park

956 Mass Pose, with exception

Hare FDC shows off handywork