Run No 955

Three Tuns, Ashwell

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hare: Airscrew


Family G-String talk Rainbow over the water

Airscrew shares meths with local down & outs

Capt F with anniversary stand in

... while a quiet Ashwell slept, a lonely Hare proceeded to lay his trail around the Village...but come 10.30am the Village came alive, cyclists,

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed.]

check saw Capt F and Mark disappearing off on what looked like Marathon training, far too keen, but before they were out of sight they were called back.

A rare moment then befell the Hash, Gorjoyce and Lady P led the pack straight to a '3 to the back' check. Looking disheartened they turned around and paid their penance! Shuffle Cock must have been thirsty as he chose the trail leading back to the Pub, but didn't get far, as the pack headed in the other direction towards Ashwell Station. A long straight over the top of Ashwell Village (uphill) stretched out the pack but two '3 to the back' markers kept the front runners entertained. The pack then paused to admire a house built in 1873, but were soon on their way again as the owner came to the window and peered back out at the nosey crowd of reprobates!

The trail then led the pack to weave in and out of the housing estate, until pausing at the School, which is where we found the town drunks resting on a bench - Shagpile & G-String.. although there also seems to be a Hare in the picture on the web, I can assure you it's only flour in the bottles!
On to a Held Check, where miss communication by the Hare, found the pack crossing the road when they found '3 dots', trouble is this was on the false trail leading away from the had to be there! Once on the right trail, bock in to the Village, the pack ended up at the Bushel & Strike where we found Shagpile & G-String again...they really do know their local pubs!.....Church, Museum, On Inn! (50 mins, knew I should have laid that extra loop in the field)

Downs Downs to Capt F for Wedding Anniversary (Lady P stepped in for the photo), CRK new shoes, 'Hats?'...Lady P and Double Entry [shurely her down-down was for obstructing Her Majesty's Press Photographer?], using his phone Shagpile, GM for picking up Legs (RA), Gorjoyce for Scrumping Apples, Mark for ignoring the GM, Underlay for being fashionably late and me (the Hare) for writing the words in short hand during the circle....

On On to The Recreation Centre at Great Offley (Forking/White Rabbit)

....... AIRSCREW shoe down-down the traditional way

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We have many requests to see more of H5 photo fav Double Entry. Unfortunately contractual commitments mean Ms Entry must keep her clothes on but, as ever, she was very obliging when the H5 Flasher turned his automatic on her. Here are some of the latest snaps:

...and a smile for all of her fans