Run No 954

White Horse, Southill

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hare: Shuffle Cock


The Hare writes:

It was a lovely sunny day when I set the hash, the water glistening of the lake was sumptious and the woods all autumnal, shame that I later found out that I was on private land and the hash were unable to run there. So back at the pub a quick look at the map and a that'll do attitude the hash was set.

Sunday came along, a good crowd appeared with Big Bird and Stroller, having been kicked out of the States, making a returnee visit.

Almost everyone was early and circled up with 10 minutes to go before off. Captain F (Paintball) thought about regaling us all with a joke but decided is was too rude for children's ears.

And then we were off through the village, to the first held check were certain members decided they had to introduce a number check as they waited for the knitting circle. Through a field the hash went, and at the end some of the knitting circle opted for the quick SC back to the pub. Several numbers later the hash arrived in Broom, where the runners couldn't be bothered to wait for the hare, thought he must be double bluffing and had layed an invisible trail, as they all buggered off in the wrong direction.

The few members of the knitting circle that had taken the SC, decided to stay with the hare for the remander of the trail, were they treated to such amazing sights such as herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain, the giant redwood, the larch, the fir, the mighty scots pine, the plucking little aspen, the flatulate elm of West Ruislip, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

Doggedly they contained through bog and and thistle, by village and road, the dog and duck, getting back to find the hash well settled into their beer, apart from Airscrew who had gone looking for us all in case we'd got lost (thanks). Those few that completed the hash were Pussies, Pongo, Double Entry, Nicky, Skidmark and Rainbow.

A circle was soon formed, where Legs was charged with something, as was Double Entry and a few other I can't remember, Scooby for not finding water, yours truly twice and as the second one was full of froth most of it got aimed in the general direction of the...

[Rest of these Words missing: Archive Ed.]

A Hasher writes:

21 runners including returnees Big Bird and Stroller plus Smiffo and Screamer, 3 apres

Stock photo from google images of The White Horse, Southill

The pack set off to the north in the general direction of Old Warden, inspected a crashed car and back across country to Broom. The FRBs and close followers saw a road sign to Southill and set off straight back to the pub.

The hare rounded up the tail end mugs and set them off on the real trail that lead south all the way to Stanford. They arrived back at the pub at a quarter to two and learn the comforting news that a search party had been sent. All was well and we had a few down downs. Shuffle Cock was then strung up.

Our correspondent didn't say exactly what Thongo thought of the run but he would have been well placed to know