Run 951

Farmer's Boy, Kensworth

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hare: Ringer


Forkin' brought the sun

Ploughed field negotiation

FDC downed just about all

There's nothing quite like a good lay first thing on a Sunday morning, so at 9am sharp, your hare was out and about. A generally overcast day was forecast, but with no great risk of precipitation. In the event, the sun broke through during the run (thank you RA Forkin') and it was soon very warm in glorious sunshine. This was the second run I had laid from this pub, so a different trail was required. No problem, the terrain being well-known, a map would suffice - no need to check it out beforehand. Hmm, might have to rethink that one next time. Apart from an unexpected gymkhana, two perfectly clear footpaths had been ploughed over - no blame on the farmer, he always puts it back afterwards; it was just missing this weekend. So a bit of directed haring would be required.

First to arrive at the pub was returnee/overseas visitor Le Voisin, it being some four years or so since his last time with us, and very welcome he was. He and White Rabbit had lots to reminisce about during the run. Late arrivals were Nik-Nak (there's unusual!) and the aforementioned White Rabbit. Bangers and Madge caught up with us about two-thirds of the way round the trail. Several pre-On Out comments of "We're off to see the sights of Whipsnade" and "It'll be over Hollicks Lane then" were met with firm non-committal from yours truly.

Released into the wilds, PP and Shufflecock were always looking to be likely Good Crack award FRB candidates. PP's choice of Hollicks Lane turned out to be fruitless and it was left to Double Entry to pick up the right trail in the opposite direction. A possible clue to the right way had been given by the hare's warning about the gymkhana - a prominent road sign pointing to the horse event. The pack re-assembled to pass along the border of the jump field together and were soon out to cross the main Kensworth road to start the first traverse of the 30 metre dip in the terrain. Several checks in Church End led Hashers in different directions before the trail through the churchyard was found. A longish loop brought us back to Hollicks Lane before the trail across the ploughed field was negotiated - it would have been more of a challenge in wet, wintery weather. Back down and up the 30 metre dip brought us to the On Inn in 1 hour of running time.

Down downs awarded to the Hare, and to just about everyone else by Deputy RA Forkin'.

On-On to The Fox at Pirton next week

Waiting release into the wilds

Reminiscing Rabbit with neighbour

Double Legs on the right trail