Run 949

Vicars Inn, Arlesey

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hares: G-String, Skidmark, Capt 'Addock, Grace & Rainbow
(Head Wetting Run)


Rampant check hovering breaks out

Rainbow wonders who's next on the bbq

Forking colour matches Fits Tightly

I'm reliably informed (well, OK, G-String told me) Capt 'Addock will be supplying Wurds .......... Scribe

Perhaps it's a bit unfair to expect Capt 'Addock to come all the way from Yorkshire to lay a trail for us and then do the Wurdz as well. So just in case he bottles it I'll give you a few notes on how I remember it.

  • The hares were called forward by reluctant Hash Mattress Scrummy Dumps and broke all records not only with their numbers but by fielding the youngest hare ever. Grace was 34 days old by my Count.
  • Luckily there were even more hashers than hares, with Fits Tightly coming down with 'Addock, so to speak, and Screamer and Smiffo up from Wiltshire to supplement a fine turn out.
  • So loads of confused hashers to disturb the quiet of a Sunday morning in Arlesey, which sadly featured a funeral in the churchyard opposite, and eventually pick their way to Henlow despite outbreaks of rampant check hovering. Can anyone remember the days when that was frowned upon?
  • Thankfully a few hashers made the effort to run: Ringer, Shufflecock, Andy, Rapid, Forking, Splinter, Screamer and of course Smiffo all deserve a mention. Without them we'd be a drinking club with a walking problem. Even Shaggy seemed keen to stroll along with his bride of 19 years, indulging in what was very close to sex on the hash.
  • In Henlow we pick up recent Newbe Henlow Camp Mark who jumped out a car claiming to have been confused about the start time. Pretty thin excuse

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed.]

and for some even walking was a problem.

  • Fine pint of Fat Catz in the Vicars - another excellent pub by the by - and then out into the garden for Team RA, this week featuring Forking Dick Chair, to hand out the down-downs, starting of course with Team Hare (Grace drinking very discretely).
  • Anniversary drinks for Shaggy, Sleepy Hollow and Pongo Thongo (who incidentally thought it was the best hash he'd ever walked).
  • Legs, Custard and Twiglet were caught with "back to school" haircuts.
  • FDC found a colourful excuse to entwine himself with Fits Tightly.
  • Thongo, Hash Bike, Screamer, Smiffo, Shaggy, Bangers, Mark, Pussies Galore, Lady Pee and G-String all committed crimes so ghastly I have obliterated them from my memory and all suffered the appropriate punishment.
  • There was a bout of girl jousting before monkeys were wisely impersonated and guts unwisely bared, and then On On to a bbq at Chez Skidmark to whom many thanks for providing the excuse for an excellent afternoon.

ON ON to a Wok in Bedford which should be .... well, interesting.


Screamer & Smiffo enjoy the beer stop

The 3 Wise Hashers

The 3 Not So Wise Hashers

Sleepy Hollow & Shaggy .. SotH?