Run 948A

Seaton Hall, Staithes

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hares: The Count and Shufflecock


D1: Seaton Hall was good, so was the weather. We took the bus to Whitby, walked back and dined at Lady Pee Manor

D2: Shuffle & The Count laid an up and down trail with some good shiggy and then went to The Royal George for a pre-hash beer. Squat'n'Drop was controversially renamed Whitby Jet

D3: Went for a walk up the coast and hashed with Scarborough (spot the wally). After 2 hours lost in the dark, soaking wet and with a lame Underlay. They're tough up North

D4: Did our own thing. Practised piano. Dressed up. Walked on the moors. Played Ibble Dibble. That sort of thing

D5: Twiglet's birthday. Had a steam train ride, saw a famous engine, walked to a waterfall and dined extravagantly thanks to our chief chefs

D6: Had a last day feel. Walked to The Royal at Runswick Bay. Got stuck into our laptops. And tied each other in knots