Run No 948

White Horse, Broom

Monday, 31 August 2009

Hare: Private Parts


An unfortunate accident on last week's run, which left me with a dislocated shoulder, meant that I faced the prospect of laying this week's trail quite literally single handed. What would have been a very difficult (almost impossible) task turned out to have a very simple solution: use the single hand to call up Double Entry from the depths of darkest Bedfordshire! Having laid the first Monday run of the year together we set out to lay the final one, though this time without the company of Lush Big Knickers.

The run itself was notable for having two newies: Mark from Henlow and Baby Grace, who at just 4 weeks old must surely be the youngest ever hasher (physically, if not mentally). Forking was foolish enough to point out his new shoes to everyone, thus earning himself a drink from the offending footwear during the final circle!

The trail started off heading south, but soon doubled back towards Broom and out across the farmland to the west. This was followed by a short stretch up the road, although G-String decided he'd sooner take Baby Grace back to the pub. From there we headed towards the lake where a view check gave an opportunity to pause for jelly babies.

Past the lake the trail branched off, with Double Entry having to try and keep up with Shaggy, Mark and Forking on the full trail while I led Skidmark, Sleepy Hollow, Nikki and Big Grace on the shortcut. Unfortunately Shaggy's pace and knowledge of the area meant that nobody took any of the falsies on the main route beneath the hot sun, resulting in a somewhat tired and overheated co-hare! The pack therefore returned to the pub in several groups: first Baby Grace's entourage, then the short cutters and then the runners. Eventually what remained of the two hares made it back also, in need of a good long cold drink!

Drinks were administered by Forking, who appeared to spend much of the circle talking to himself. Drinks were awarded to just about everyone, with even Baby Grace downing from her bottle like a true hasher!

On-On to Arlesey, where rumour has it that you may need money for a beer stop and food for a BBQ (weather permitting)!