Run 947

Old Sun, Ampthill

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hare: Airscrew
(L of a Run)


Lady P came with health warning

FDC came with 100 Run
Award in Luton colours

Megan came with Ward 10

Airscrew your 947 Words challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to include at least 24 of the words beginning with 'L' used by the RA.......

"24 words said by the RA?" .... hmm, ladies check, legs, lush, lager...making it up now....moving on .... hot day, 1h 30m to set and managed to keep it to hour.. .finally getting the hang of this Haring thing! As early as 6.50pm, Hashers started to gather, must have skived off early from somewhere (W) - but by 7.30pm the Car Park was full and we were circled up - only one Haring note "busy roads".

The Pack led by the GM headed out through the houses to Woburn Street. After a few falsies, FDC led everybody to the first of many Ladies Checks at the edge of Ampthill Park. Lush Big Pants checked out a route and even when being told "it's not that way" she carried on...very keen! A few '5's to the back' caught the front runners. Lady P seemed very good at finding the right routes and I don't believe anybody found the 'Golden Hare' but all the pack came together at the first Held Check. Here the Birthday Hat was due to change heads (Lush to Scooby) but Scooby would not accept it. Step forward a gallant Private Parts who chased and rugby tackled Scooby, unfortunately at the expense of a shoulder injury [A&E said some 6 hours later he is "not broken just slightly dislocated". So, nothing new there then].

Back over Woburn Street and on to Coopers Hill. A bar for the front runners, meant everybody kept together, down to the School. Another ladies check saw the Pack run off in different directions, until Donut & Megan were given hints to head towards the First World War Memorial - the pack was On On again. Another Held Check saw Scooby leap out of a tree and accost (pass on) the Birthday Hat to Lush - Hash Flash missed it, but we'll all remember the scream! The pack then mistakenly headed back towards the Pub, must have been

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed.]

as not to run backup the hill-,,.but they were reprieved as it wasn't long before the rest of the pack caught up. On was called and at the next Ladies Check, Double Entry led the pack out to the fields along the footpath. As Hare, I was surprised - clearly no one knew where they were, as they were heading further away from the Pub.....once they had come to their senses and realised they were 'thirsty', it was on back around the corner to Flitwick road and the Town Centre, Halfway up the hill 'A Bar' led the front runners off on a mile loop through the Estate, with the Hare shouting at the back of the pack to stay on the main road... much shorter route and clearly they seemed more refreshed upon our return.

Inn, on the hour- much food and cake followed, before Down Downs... Me (Hare), Birthday Boy and Girl (Scooby & Lush), FDC - 100 Run Award, GM for his injury, Lush again for something, but mainly because she couldn't drink her Glass of Wine down in one, so kept coming back into the circle to have a few more sips.

On On to the White Horse @ Broom on Bank Holiday Monday [unless you're off to North Yorks ebygum for Seaton Hall., Staithes on Sunday and The Salmon Leap, Sleights on Monday]

Airscrew [to whom many thanks for the super food he provided]

Happy birthday couple cut the cake ...

... after rows over the birthday hat ..

... that lead to the GM having first aid