Run 946

Half Moon, Hitchin

Monday, 17 August 2009

Hares: Pecker, Twiglet, Splinter & Knotch


Bright shiny newbee and Mouldy Auld returnee

Knotch and her deca mug

Underlay demolishes the dregs

Peckerettes run 1. Twiglet, Splinter & Knotch all out for a walk to keep the little cherubs distracted. Armed them each with flour distributor they set about Hitchin like little Cat in the hats, so thing 1, thing 2 thing 3 set about painting the Town white. 3 bags flour & 2 hours later using a square mile for some Hashing fun, we arrive back at the pub as the Hash gather & form.

The first thought came to mind it must be someone else's run, you know me for a 1hr plus run. The turnout nothing like runs of past Pecker was miffed, then it clicked; the word was out that 3 little Conscience players would bring sense to the wise Hare. No, just 3 moaning ankle nibblers that played on every single park & floated Poo sticks in the brook also an aim to stroke every single dog in Hitchin & wee stop at every opportunity. This mix guaranteed a 1 hour run was afoot.

27 degrees a well ran hash. Except when me boys thought the run up the hill would be good for the hash spirits. Little do they know the Hash don't do hills. The Count chased Knotch to tell him. To his amusement Knotch thought chase was play time & he admitted to me that he beat the Count [I'd have beat him if I'd caught the crafty little toad .... Ed]

The Hash Ran, Walked, Tripped, Talked - Talked - Talked, we had fun & came back to the Inn 1hr later & drank lots. Some misdemeanours, Custard ... Discipline - Shaggy always gets a mention! we always get in trouble together Hash miscreants -Birthday Donut - Deca award Splinter - Returnee Mouldy Old Shite - Apres newbee - "GRACE" you Angelxxx.

On On until the next time Peckerettes.

Identity Crisis.
I'll admit I can't keep up with Pecker, whether he's running or writing. But I thought Knotch is the cute harriette who had the deca award and Splinter the aggravating, lying, little hare who made me run all over Hitchin shouting "I'm going to strangle you when I catch you, you **********************************"
Their dad seems to think different.
But I'm even older than Donut so could well be losing it.
Perhaps someone should tell me.
Count Withano

Small venue, big circle

Donut obviously very happy to have another birthday

G-String enormously proud Dad with Grace