Run 944

Carpenters Arms, Harlington

Monday, 3 August 2009

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


The Hash rarin', just rarin' to go

The GM glides ahead of his flock

Waiting for Scoobie to emerge from the mire

Newbee Bam, and Bell End the proud father

Hello Hashers, my name is Simon and I work for an outsource service based in Bangalore, India. Mr Dave is too busy at the moment so he has asked me to have the honour of writing the wurdz for the last Hash. Last time, InTwice produced some most excellent wurdz, but my timing, accuracy and service delivery is second to none, so Count Roadkill (12 this morning) will be most pleasured.

Indeed it was a most splendid evening unlike the last time when it was the Monsoon season. There was a tremendous turnout and early arrivals included Minger and his

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed.]

Indeed, it also went wrong for a small colourless household pet who took a tumble and had to be escorted back to the start by a carpet. But the intrepid Hashers continued and do you know what happened next ? Yes, they all missed the real trail and went off in a multitude of directions. How Mr Rapid laughed. But soon, after much mirth and merriment the trail was found and a Private Part led the way to another false trail.

Then it was into the thistle field before regrouping and letting everybody catch up. Whilst a number of hashers took a short cut, others missed the trail altogether and almost ran as far as Hydrabad. Oh naughty Capt F and Count Roadkill (3 this evening). The final loop lead across the field and then back under the railway line and home. Many Cats was puffing away up the hill and her hair seemed to turn grey as Mr RW went by. But not really, it was a naughty sprinkling of flour, oh dear.

Back at the pub there were celebrations galore. It was Mr Cock's birthday so he wore the hat and the circle was filled with much merriment. Mr Forking Dick Chair led the celebrations assisted by his young assistant with 11 legs. Naughty Capt F was accused of bottom bothering and Count Roadkill (7 last night) obviously had that on his mind. It was such fun to see a famous actor in the circle even though he seemed to enjoy throwing his drink away.

My oh my I am all out of wurdz now so I will just mention the British Beer festival where I am sure several pints of Cobra will be consumed as well as the cycle treasure hunt next week.

On On....

Seven hours after 944 and seven days after the picture in 943 (see below) Skidmark released Grace into the world - we'll think of a better name in years to come - weighing in at 8lb 50z in old money. G-String is naturally chuffed and even thinks all those long days of abstinence have been worthwhile- Well done guys, all three of you, and many congratulations from H5

White Rabbit, early faller

Shuffle has a birthday drink

G-Spot shows off new shoes

Shagpile welcomes Ron Weasley