Run 943

Engineers Arms, Henlow
("The Spicy Hash*")

*had some bite in it ...

Monday 27 July 2009


Well when Shufflecock said he was laying the hash from Henlow and was I around to help that weekend I'm not sure he knew quite what he was letting himself in for, although I had learnt a few things from the first hash, namely that I didn't require half the flour in Bedfordshire and one small map would suffice. I thought I could put the techniques taught by PP on the first hash to good use but this was not the case as Shufflecock has a very different approach to laying, two entirely different experiences! [so up front the kids these day eh? .... ed]

Unfortunately most of our hard work had been washed away by the Welsh rain Scooby and PP brought back with them from their diving weekend....thanks guys. There were traces of checks, bars and Ts but unfortunately most of the ON ONs and number checks had disappeared.

So us hares had to carry out a daring technique previously only performed by Captain Faantastic, live haring but with a difference. The difference being the hares weren't ahead of the group and parts of the trail had to be reinstated as we went along. But we managed to keep the group together most of the time, with the exception of one. Apologies go to Five Baah (who ended up so far ahead, as number checks had washed away, that he missed the last part of the trail and ended up back at the pub early).

The run started through the local park, laid especially for the big kids amongst us....Forking...... and then on on past Henlow Grange after a false trail taken by all. From this point on Scooby was in his element as there was water in every direction! We had hoped though that he wouldn't launch himself into the tranquil fishing lake, where fishermen had been patiently waiting hours for a bite, but then this is the Swamp Monster we are talking about and he just couldn't resist. It was a long evening for those fishermen!

That said we are unlikely to go that way again due to nasty little biting critters, which in the words of Legs can only be described as "Vampire" flies, that sent many of us running and screaming as fast as we could, much to the amusement of the hashers at the front who had no idea what was going on. There were however certain male hashers, who shall remain nameless, who took this as an opportunity to supposedly remove these flies from all sorts of places on the female hashers.

From this point most continued on the longer trail through some lovely countryside, while Donut led a handful of hashers back via the short cut.

Then it was ON INN for drinks and cakes. There was also a hash medic on stand by to personally attend to our bites, thanks go to Dr Shagpile who tenderly applied After Bite to the legs of Niki, LBK and myself. He said to give him a call if more applications are required!

Unfortunately there were no Hookers available to Shufflecock at the bar this week and

[missing line(s): Archive Ed]

at the end of the circle instead.

Some of the signs were all too clear .. and some not so clear ..

..and the trail almost invisible. Gorjoyce had the birthday hat

[Captions missing: Archive Ed]

There's a child in every hasher .. .. eager to get out in Skidmark's case
ScoobieDoobie Corner
(Every week we bring pictures of the adventures of the H5 swamp creature)

This week our bog rat reverses ecstatically into his favourite position...before going all the way just to annoy the fishermen...looks for a shortcut to avoid biting critters...and takes cover under a leaf as rain starts to fall

[Eds Note - apparently Scoobie is to be taken back into care very soon]

The down-downs included:
PP for running with a wet arse most of the way (sometimes it is just best not to ask) ... Gorjoyce who was celebrating her 36th (that's all the years she's admitting to) birthday, Many Happy Returns .... Newee Andy was welcomed to the hash, the son of Count Roadkill .... Lush Big Knickers (or Lush Bouquet as she likes to call herself but has been unsuccessful in convincing others) received her deca mug. However, despite all her years of experience in drinking wine by the bucket, she still struggles to down a drink. Shagpile suggested a technique she should use in future ... Rapid (RA) for sexual harassment on the hash, by asking Lush if her underwear, or should we say Big Knickers, were colour coordinated with her pink T-Shirt and socks. We are still unsure of the answer to that question! ... Shagpile and Dogger for other misdemeanours.

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