Run 942

Plough, Datchworth
("The Divining Hash")

Monday, 20 July 2009

Hares: The Count and Lady P


Monday afternoon, trail laying time, and - with the Test Match safely wrapped up - no need for the Rain Lords to send a downpour. Good for trail laying we thought but - isn't Scoobie Doobie Dooo going to be there? The ground's as dry as Mrs Slocombe's pussy the day the milkman was sick. Anyway .. trail laid, lovely evening, lots of nice people - well worth Lady Pee producing a good batch of her trademark scones - so Scoobie could have an aqua-free night. We thought.
The circle welcomed newee Lucy - a prodigy and progeny of Thongo - and then took off to the Datchworth pavilion lead by a fit acting Private Parts and leaving an arrow pointing slightly the wrong direction. Poor, late, local Spotted Dick knew not of the trio of footpaths behind the pavilion and took ages to catch up. Long before this PP and Scoobie had been sent to the back of the hash - a mighty long way with most still hovering nervously at the first check and considering a game of rugby or so it appeared.
At Coltsfoot Scoobie must have had his rod out for the first time because he had divined a pond and in no time was knee deep. Unfortunately for him as Five Baah lead the hash on the correct trail it did not pass the swamp creature's lair. He would have to attack later.
At Bulls Green the area's latest Helipad - aka the county's biggest held check sign - detained the hash just long enough to disorientate Shagpile before Birthday Boy Airscrew lead the group east and a date with a series of puddles, unnoticed by us but large enough to provide the water boy with ammunition. Scoobie's attempts to spray all and sundry with muddy water lead to Double Entry bravely acting as a human shield to protect Shagpile, a robust defence of his hash by our GM and what had the makings of a great mud wrestle. Sad to say it was over in seconds with nowt but a good snap to show for it.

Run completed on the hour we did the usual customer satisfaction survey and found White Rabbit thought the short cut not long enough. Er, point taken. Preliminaries done the circle passed into the control of FDC of Team RA, who spent a while talking about harriets chatting up Frenchmen (apparently a group of cyclists we met were on a day off from Le Tour) and then lost us: not a difficult feat. Suffice to say down-downs for White Rabbit, Underlay, Pussies, Airscrew, Double Entry, Private Parts, Scoobie and even Forking himself.
ON ON to The Engineers

Count Withano and Lady Pee

Anklebiting Newee Lucy

Birthday Boy Airscrew

"and the OnOn is that way ..."
ScoobieDoobie Corner
(Every week we bring pictures of the H5 swamp creature)

This week our hero leaves a knackered PP to the tender mercies of Gorjoyce as he rushes off in search of water ..divines his first pond and lays in wait ..attacks the passing hash ..and finally rebuffs the robust reprisals of the GM