Run No 941

Chequers, Westoning

Sunday, 13 July 2009

Hare: Today gone tomorrow


Lovely evening to run through a field

Spotted Dick has a quiet word with Dobbin

5 out of 6 hashers say it was you Double Entry

Run number 941 started in a back to front way as Thongo turned up with his T shirt on the wrong way round. Count Roadkill was celebrating his birthday and H4 graced us with two visitors. Custard and Spotted Dick, [good to see Bell End with an evening off baby watching duty too .... scribe]

The senior committee member present, White Rabbit took a commanding grip of the circle and estimated the run number to be between 842 and 964. Bangers 'n' Madge had laid an excellent trail earlier in the afternoon, but were absent so Forking Deckchair with an estimation of the route sent the pack out hareless.

Would you Adam and Eve it, as up Church Lane Lady Pee and Ringer were looking at a fig leaf that was for a piece of elastic soon to be the next item in haberdashery.

There was a sandy gallop and lots of equine interest as Double Entry and Spotted Dick were seen horse whispering along the route around the Westoning Stud. Never mind the stud from Westoning; there was dogging going on in the hash as Dogger asked NikNak to her knees in front as he lifted the dog gate of the stile between the fields of horses. Fancied runners and riders in the field included Five Baah who took the lead by a head as FRB Shufflecock was a taller at the Melling Road.

There were incidents of crop trashing, tree hugging, crossing electric fences and a stile that was eye wateringly high for White Rabbit. In her last week of school for this academic year Legs Eleven deserves A* for English language after inventing a completely new word, hashiversary to commemorate twelve months since her very first run.

Circle up was rowdy, Team RA having to contend with the pub woofer as well as wooftahs in the ring as Lush Big Knickers are now available with a communal pocket.

Corrections and amendments to the words for 939 which should have correctly named Dogger's little barker as Chester, a friend for Madge, Rainbow and all other hash mutts. Penetrator came not with Ringpiece but Ring Kisser [we're all jolly glad to hear that.... scribe] who we were glad just so happened to be passing this way.

On On to The Plough at Datchworth


Forking as Shadow Hare/RA

Snap-shy celeb spotted on hash

White Rabbit in wet t-shirt