Run 940

Tudor Oaks, Astwick

Monday, 6 July 2009

"The Double Rainbow Run"

Hares: Knobber & Scooper


Some of the hash decided to turn out to sunny Stotfold [shurely too much irony here..... schribe] for a pleasant evening run from the Tudor Oaks. Knobber and I however put off laying the run until an hour and a half before the start, and the phrase "we've got loads of time" was used rather too frequently as I was almost late for the start!

This aside, the run did start on time (and finished on time I hasten to add) even if the whole hash were rather confused as Knobber decided to fool everyone (including myself) by saying the On-On was the wrong way. What a corker.

Once the pack got going, led by Private Parts shot to the front like a true FRB should. Some would say that he has become fitter through the constant athleticism and run training H5 provides, others would say he was just trying to impress Double Entry. Make up your own mind [am I misshing shomething here.... schcribe]. An early short cut led some Hashers to the self-proclaimed "Sleuth Check" and one numbered check and a field full of crazy horses later, each runner was greeted by a splash from Scooby who

[missing line(s): Archive Ed]

Down downs were awarded to the hares for a truly amazing run, but for some reason Thongo was not asked what he thought? Sort it out! [shurely when asked Thongo said was the the best double rainbow run he had been on this week...... schribe] Gorjoyce was punished for using some "extra propulsion" much to the dislike of our Religious Advisor.

ScoobieDoobie Corner
(Every week we bring pictures of the adventures of the H5 swamp creature)

This week our hero hastily leaves the Rectory having passed some water..asks the heavens for some more water..takes his first tentative steps into the mill stream water..bizarrely shelters from the falling water...wallows in River Ivel water..and finally takes a down-down of - lemonade, he can't stand the stuff

Other down downs went to Private Parts for peaking to early in the run, as he sprinted to the front at the beginning but then spent the whole run at the back with Double Entry which further fuels the debate, and Scooby for giving every Rat that lives in the River Ivel Scooby Disease. As well as Dogger and Lady Pee who somehow managed to live up to their names. PP also received his 200 run award. I hope you all enjoyed the run, and ON-ON to where ever the next run is.. who knows when you will see me again!


The GM, happy in his 200 run hat....the hash in search of the pot? ...Lady P & Dogger lived up to their names?