Run No 935

Two Chimneys, Letchworth

Monday, 1 June 2009

Hare: Pecker


Tonight Donut is Wet, Wet,Wet

Lush, fresh from her cycling tour

Shaggy goes for Flower Power

Ingredients for Peckers run, 1 bag flour -1 bike -1 hour to lay run -1 square mile.

26 degrees 2nd hottest day no shade, re think on the extra loop planned. Some refreshment would be welcome, so 3 tins of grog & some water dumped in the outflow from the sewage works (just joking) and of course Scooby to fish it out.

We ventured into new territory Fairfield Park, is it in Stotfold or Arlesley. Anyways we managed to avoid

[missing line(s): Archive Ed]

Some misdemeanours, GorjoYce - Scooby - Shaggy - Lush the injured apres - GM for fondling Lush about her cycling injury. Anniversary Count & Lady P.

On On until Punting


Scooby in his element

"The Shadow" catches the shortcutters

Count and Lady Pee, anniversary