Run No 931

Robin Hood & Little John,

Monday, 18 May 2009

Hares: The Count and PP


Rapid walks the telegraph pole

PP, beer inspired him to a clear round

Half the blessed hash

Bit short of time, off to Eurohash in the morning etc. and took a chance: did the Wurdz before the run, based on 832 from the RHU in August 2007. This is how they went:
Perhaps it was the outrageously poor spring weather, or the South Easterly location, but this run did not get the quantity of hasher it deserved. But Quality? Aye, that was there in abundance.
The hares - it's clear from the opening circle snap - were full of enthusiasm for what they tried to sell to the harriets as a long hard one. As they warned of roads and horses, Madge could have panicked but she was disciplined throughout and loved it. And the others stuck to their task well, braving some strenuous straights at a commendable pace, obeying the numbered checks and taking the well earned short cut when appropriate. The hares were pleased with the hash. Out of the car park and towards Codicote and it was clear Rapid Withdrawal would be the FRB to watch. On to Potters Heath and all sorts of fun for the hash as the route lead through an equestrian centre and the chance to show off jumping skills. After a faultless round the pack was at a

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed.]

with projectile shiggy. There wasn't much brown stuff around but this pair found the lot and went for it. Team RA was quick to award down-downs to Flo, Scoobedobedobedooooo and Forking Dick Chair. Lady Pee unfortunately did not provide a feast. And Thongo suspected that he had done this trail before, perhaps in reverse, about 18 months ago....... could he be right? And are the Words recycled too?

So what was wrong with the up-front Wurdz?
1 The weather was not great and the attendance awful but of fine quality. Full marks there.
2 Enthusiasm from the hares, Madge AWOL, numbered checks ignored, no short cut offered but the hash did a long hard one in under an hour. The hares were pleased with that. Half a point.
3 Rapid was FRBing but employed Zingalongamax as a pacemaker, the equestrian centre featured a jump by PP rather than FDC, and Lush Big Pants did get her leg over too. That's worth a point surely.
4 No Gorjoyce (get well soon), no Scooby and certainly zero shiggy. Nil points.
5 All predicted RA victims were absent and Rapid had to go for Zingalong, Double Entry, Yours Truly, LBP, Scrummy, most of us in fact. And no one seemed to notice that this run was the same as 832 run in reverse because Rapid was the only one to do both. Nil again.
So after a good start, a pretty average 2.5/5, no more than random guesswork and a thumbs down for Words First. Not many points given for guessing 'which picture goes with which run'...

On On to Capt F's Gaff. Or Turkey for those of us lucky enough to be heading for Euro Hash later today.

The Count

Nik Nak walks the telegraph pole

FDC, shorts inspired him to a clear round

In mid-lay Hare had to share the flour