Run No 930

Greyhound, Haynes

Monday, 11 May 2009

Hares: Shagpile & G-String


Hash Mistress in Charge

Newee Tim

Legs has an Easy Button

Capt Fantaastic, having been dragged away for the W thing, asked me (Shagpile) to step in at the last minute and take over the run. I tricked G-String into helping me lay it by saying we would just go for a walk with our dogs and then have a beer or three.

Obviously a run advertised as being hared by G-String is a crowd-puller, and sure enough hashers came crawling out of the woodwork to experience this rare event. He told me he last hared at run 777, or was it 666, I can't remember. Anyhow, on the preceding Sunday, we laid a short run, it being the first evening run of the year.

Come the day, I suddenly thought that maybe the run was a tad too short, so cycled over to Haynes and laid another couple of miles worth of dust to pad it out a bit. More about this later........

The hash family gathered and it was nice to see returnee Sludge there, who thinks he last ran with us four years ago. Also there was recently nuptialed Smashing Grab, plus newie Tim, The Hash Mattress took charge (ha!) and without too much palarva called the On OFF.

A longish stretch down the road resulted in the first held check being reached, Shaggy found a couple of falsies enabling Flo and Underlay to become transient FRBs. A wander through a housing estate followed, the RA noted that he had checked out a path without finding any dust (I explained it was an advanced haring technique) and just after that Lady P and Smashing Grab caused a blockage by finding a baby bird all of a flutter on the path.

The bird was placed in the grass alongside the path so no hashers trod on it, but visible enough for the cats to find later for tea, and the pack moved on. Around this time a Strange Thing was seen; SAS FRBing! I had thought he was crossed with a sloth!!

By this time the sun was getting low on the horizon, so I took an executive decision to forgo the extra bit of the run and therefore

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed]

Madge, Pussies Galore, Tim, Forking Dick Chair, Double Entry, Lush Big Knickers and any others who did it. At least you got Good Value for your money!

There were of course Down-Downs awarded by the RA, but the only ones I can remember are Lady P and Smashing Grab for weight loss, I believe. Legs for something to do with a button, and Forking for being a useless Co-RA.

ON ON - Shagpile

The time for Sunset Runs

Held checks are a bit busy

Signs of a split in Team RA?