Run No 929

White Swan, Shefford

Monday, 4 May 2009

Hares: Lush, Entry Entry & PP


Nice in Shefford innit?

Grace, in search of the lost cakes?

Scooby,er, not too sure if that's legal chap

Early May this year was particularly good this year - 3 days off, nice weather (for once) and the prospect of a good lay with two virgins. There are certain things you need to have when laying a hash trail, such as flour and a map. Double Entry and Lush Big Knickers had gone somewhat over the top, having apparently bought up all the flour in Bedfordshire and got every local walking guide they could get their hands on, not to mention the commendable excess of humour that they bring to every run.

With the GM on haring duties (and still putting on the remains of his trainers) Captain Fantaastic took control of the circle. Scooby Doo returned, and took an excessive 2 minutes 23 seconds to get his feet wet. Lady P wore the birthday hat and took care of the GM's Willy, while Pussies arrived in sufficient time to join the run and Knobber managed to catch us up. Scooby Doo found more water near the farm and was like a pig in sh*t - including the authentic odour. A longish stretch towards Rowney Warren woods required a few back checks, which caught out Airscrew, the Count (with very important 'O') and even Shagpile.

Rowney Warren woods was the location of a cake stop - the pack tucked into the Count's shopping while Scooby appeared to participate in certain unnatural acts with a passing dog. The dog involved was clearly so traumatised by this that it even forgot to chase pussies [not sure if this is bold or not... Ed]. Forking was seen offering cakes to young Grace, who was clearly suspicious of this part of team RA: wise girl!! Lush Big Pants had intended to collect fir-cones, but forgot - ending up with a collection of one! So it was back to the pub, ommitting the final loop up the hill, for a drink or two with the survivors and the two still-laughing former virgins.

On-On to The Greyhound

PRIVATE PARTS, GM and Gentleman

Count WithanO wishes to thank the more attractive hares for supplying the various cakes, slices, tarts and battenbergs available at 929 and to apologise to Grace for eating the last of these and leaving her cakeless. Sorry.

Lady Pee & Birthday Hat

Scoby soon back in the swim

Shuffle Cock and Deca Mug