Run No 927

The Fox, Darley HAll

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hares: Forking Bangers & Madge


You can't beat a good naming. They arrived in Darley Hall as Laura and Debs. And left as DOUBLE ENTRY and LUSH BIG KNICKERS. Congratulations girls.

The bluebell carpet

That's what it's all about

Good circle venue, The Fox

Despite there being an open top bus tour by Luton Town parading the Johnson Paint Trophy in the town centre a healthy showing of runners made it to the edge of Luton Airport at The Fox in Darley Hall. Bangers spoke of arranging the flights to take off and land at the far end of the runway.

The woodland floor was carpeted with bluebells but Thongo was carpeted by a bramble or so early on resulting in a short cut back to the pub for a quickie. Our West Country guests of honour were both FRB at one check. One ran fast to the east while the other confidently pursued a western trail. This stretched the pack in both directions but the elongated ribbon of runners was quickly passed by a retreating Smiffo who found the number check and was soon

[Missing line(s): Archive Ed]

guilty of foot and mouth; or rather foot in ratted furrow as the ploughed field got the better of his fleet footwork which left him hopping mad. Besides Madge there was dogging carried out on the hash by White Rabbit (quote "I can keep going for 8 days") who was on her knees in front of the assistant RA ("team RA, team RA") to pass under and through a dog gate rather than tackling a bar too high to comfortably straddle.

At circle up the events were dominated by the RA Rapid Withdrawal ("team RA, team RA") naming Debs and Laura. From what I could gather Laura was in finance and despite keeping a good ledger of money in and money out was allegedly seen in the G20 crowd with a "Mr Truncheon" toy jutting from her handbag, thus the new hash moniker Double Entry. Debs was found out to be partial to the odd glass of white wine as well as Bridget Jones moments and Ringer quipped part of her name before the RA awarded Lush Big Knickers her hash non de plume.

On on to Blackheath Common for anyone fit enough to want to do that, alternately for a patriotic hash run The George & Dragon in Watton-le-Stone.


Good to see Nik Nak back ...

... and good to hear Foghorn

The RA, WWW and foot & mouth