Run No 926

The Nice Jugs, Clophill

Monday, 13 April 2009

Hares: Gorjoyce & Pussies Galore


Donut introduces newee


Odd socks, or just ...?

Sunday's dawn was a dull effort, but Pussies and myself hauled ourselves out of bed to lay a great trail in Clophill and met many friendly locals on our way round. Back at the pub the landlady had put on a tremendous hog roast of which us hares appreciated after our three hour trail laying.

After a little disagreement with the lady that does in the kitchen whose husband must be a fisherman!! told us that we were not welcome in the car park unless we were eating, much to my amazement as I had spoken to her boss the landlady who was very happy for us to attend her pub on a Monday!! we set out only to have Shaggy, stumble on the ON INN and want to go back to the Pub, silly boy. Now after an overnight shower or two the dust was not as white as it should have been and hashers being hashers moaned.

A little running and walking! for many through the back lanes of Clophill, a visit to the disused church proved to be a great resting spot for some. Then On On and still an awful lot of moaning minies, about circles, I thought that there are no rules on the hash!! and definitely no grumpy buggers!

On On down the hill to the High Street and a sabotaged check back and after having re-instated it not one person would run back, poor show! then out to some beautiful lakes with lots of wild fowl in evidence, but some hashers can't see the wood for the trees. On On to a Easter egg and Cross bun stop, hope you enjoyed them!! and there the main bulk of the Hash WALKED off back to the pub as it was past 12.00, poor show! You missed running through a lovely wood. It was a great run and lots of false trails and check backs in a picturesque village.

A few returners and a few newies and down downs for exotic socks and odd socks.

ON On Gorjoyce

[Sorry that this week's correspondent had a little word-strop. I'm sure she didn't mean to, she's quite nice really .... Scribe]

Hash rarity ... running

Checks: moan about 'em, sabotage 'em or both

Cross Buns