Run No 925

The Lytton Arms, Knebworth

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hares: PP and The Count


JB Check snap cock-up...see apology

G-String gives down-down Master Class

Legs' down-down is carefully monitored

Your GM apologises for the delayed posting of these words, which was caused by his being at the Lytton again last night rather than writing them! (I'm sure The Scribe also apologises for running away to a football match at the same time [bloomin' good one though - entertained by Match Sponsors Greene King as Stevenage Borough beat highflying Cambridge]).

A nice sunny day for H5's return to an old favourite - team RA seem to be doing better with the weather these days! The trail that Count Roadkill had planned turned out to be exactly the same as one PP had used several years ago - just in reverse. Nobody seemed to notice this - even Shagpile commented that we managed to find some new countryside! Mekon also was eager to find some countryside - in particular a small patch of woodland where she could resolve the problem of a full bladder. Her extreme speed during the sprint for the woods later earned her the FRB award.

After the woods and a grassy field the pack split. Gorjoyce, Donut and Shagpile led half on the short cut while Deb, Laura and Underlay led the less lethargic hashers on the full trail did an extra loop towards Codicote. Bangers and Rapid Withdrawal demonstrated lack of directional ability by checking all the falsies, while Lady P was observed to be "not quite over the hill".

At the top of the climb we met the short-cutters basking in the sun. The Count had provided Jelly Babies - but this was not enough to placate Legs 11 who has clearly listened to Ringer's teachings about being wary of strange men handing out sweets. Lady P provided scones with cheese and Madge bared her teeth at Rainbow. The usual circle antics followed - with the hares being rewarded with beer and The RA dealt with the wrongdoers in the traditional manner.

OnOn to the big jugs in Clophill...

Deb's first down-down

Never stand behind Gorjoyce

Hash Flash apologises for (a) having the camera on the wrong setting and cocking up most hash snaps this week and (b) having scoured HM's Press being unable to locate a single photo of Forking in the fountain at Trafalgar Square proudly wearing his Luton FC hat: I know there's one out there - a bounty will be paid.