Run No 924

The George, Maulden

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hare: Limp


Skidmark, good points well made

Pussies being pretty daft with a bath ...

.. and then just pretty daffed

It was billed as a joint run with Milton Keynes.
A few of the MK lot turned out, which was nice.
Limp laid a trail and said something about markings.
And refused to do Wurdz, but that's cool.
It was a lovely day.
And a really nice run.
Rather clever with the short cuts I thought.
Skidmark was radiant, quite beau'ful.
Rainbow is getting very big too.
FDC was very Luton FC, all cup-finaled up. He's got 7 tickets for next week in case he loses 6.
Buster was there doing Madge impersonations.
We saw lots of lovely daffs in Ampthill.
And tried to make Pussies look bathed but failed.
So we had a few pints of Youngs & Adnams.
Team RA did their bit with style and a new dray tray.
And Private Parts went home with even more junk.
He's still got the GM's Willy, and the burnt deckshorts and the FRB award. Is he collecting them?
To round off we went back into the pub and heard a few snipets of the latest MK goss.
Apparently (I'll say this only once as I've been told not to repeat it):
Highly Shagable has left Massive Erection to live with Screaming Multiples whose brief affair with UpAllNight ended in impotency counselling. Her half brother Hung Likea Donkey has been living in Moist Asa Bill Poster's Bucket's house with Come Again? ever since she left Rock Hardon to start a love quadrangle with The Beverley Sisters. Or that's it to the best of my recollection, I may have missed a few steps. Cue Capt F's version of the Eastenders closing theme.



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FDC proving he is as mad as a hatter

The GM with many of the trappings of office