Run 921

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hares: Shufflecock & Capt F


Pecker waiting for his turn

Legs behaved like a kid

Splitblox wore the birthday hat

Thongo operated a ferry service

The words, hmm, should be interesting, the last time I wrote more than 20 words was several years ago, should be interesting (see what I mean, repeating myself already).

The day started lovely, the sun was shining and nice breeze was blowing, with no sign of what was to come. At the circle, the two newees, Laura and Deb were introduced, Splitbox was the birthday boy, and then a momentous announcement from Skidmark that she'd eaten all the pies and that a new hasher was on the way, congratulations to them both. Captain Fantaaaastic tried to explain to the newees how the trails worked, showing various types of flour painting, but frankly having just set the hash I still didn't understand any of them.

On-on and the run was on, with a brief trip around the back of the pub to wake up the neighbours, next was the park, where everyone showed how much of a big kid they really were. This was followed by a visit to Clifton, a brief beer stop at chez Shufflecock and on into the countryside.

The starting circle had briefly mentioned something about wellies and getting ones big toe wet but not any details. The dinky little stream was a bit of a shock for some, so much so that it seems a few are related to the wicked witch of the west and are allergic to water. The allergic one's went for a wander to find a bridge while everyone had much fun crossing, unfortunately no-one fell in (shame really).

Of the mutts, Madge was across with a hop, skip and a jump, while Rainbow pranced around being soppy, small dog 1, big dog nil. Rainbow finally made it across thanks to Pecker's involvement, she was so pleased that she decided to help Pecker get up the bank and catch the rest of the hashers up by dragging him along the ground, he was being a bit slow.

The rest of the hash passed fairly uneventful, with the runners sent the long way back, and everyone else short cutted in. Back in the pub it was time to sample the local delicacies, a pie and a hooker (pint of - honest). When it was time for the circle, the English weather decided to rear its ugly head and turn decidedly nasty, even with the umbrella up and heaters on everyone was getting cold and wet, except for those hashers still allergic to water, who stayed in the pub.

[line(s) missing - Archive Ed]

car), Shagpile (mobile phone), Skidmark, Airscrew, Giblets and others. Sorry can't remember but my teeth were chattering too loudly for me to hear, and I can't read the RA's dodgy handwriting.

On on to Lilley with Forking & Bangers


G-String & Skidmark compare bumps

Laura & Debs ruin fine Bangers pic

Pussies drank from the Plunger of Lurve

Flo stays warm and dry in the circle