Run 920

Ringer's Gaff, Dunstable

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hares: Ringer & Private Parts


WR & FDC enjoy the magic roundabout

RA takes a well earned rest

Legs and the cajun squirrel

After the succinct but well-crafted Words of last week, this week's scribe feels under some pressure, but never mind, an attempt will be made.

Up sprang a March hare, or in this case, two hares. Private Parts had overnighted at the Gliding Club having achieved his first solo flight the afternoon before - congratulations PP [now with Hash Wings]. Having ambled round it in a mere 52 minutes, laying the trail on Sunday morning should have been a piece of p**s, and indeed it was. A nice still morning with no sign of the forecast drizzle - not that the drizzle stood a chance against our local Team RA on the case. A smallish but beautifully-formed Hash ventured deep into Ringerland, a country especially known for its ups and Downs - geddit?

Capt. F was tasked with bringing the beer, so we were a tad nervous waiting for his arrival with essential supplies - no problem. A telephone call from Gorjoyce announced that she was outside number 43, had called at the house and asked if the hash was here, and had got a stern denial - it's number 53 Gorjoyce, not 43. The RA's notepad was marked up already. Bangers and Madge arrived, complete with Madge's brother, Busta.

After the opening circle, complete with ex-QI joke from Capt. F involving a chicken and a frog, it was On Out, and the first-mentioned sets off up the road, declaring "we always go down the road", so...he finds the T- and goes back down the road [Hint: it's always down the road]. However a great many of the downhill options were also false until the alleyway was spotted. Ever eager to show off parts of the town hitherto unseen by the Hash, the trail made a tour of the backstreets before coming to the first check, a number check which sent Rapid, Count Roadkill and others to the back. It was now that the lead hare discovered that his co-hare, together with Legs 11 and Thongo were missing - presumed captured by marauding natives. However it turns out the back hare was simply lost - only 300 yards from the Off!

The pack re-gathered, we set off on a luxury tour of the local estates, during which Thongo discovered just how many ways there were of extending a house [see Thongo for full details]. Done with the urban, virtually all hitherto unHashed, it was now time for the rural, starting from a large park with options in every conceivable direction, must of them upwards. A brief stop for a Junior-check at the kiddies play area - swings were very popular with Legs 11 and Lady P, as was the roundabout with White Rabbit [Hash Flash should have pics to record this]. As to what PP and Capt F were doing on the Rocket, I daren't suggest in a family news sheet. Fun over, now the real work began, climbing up to the chalk quarry. The summit achieved, the path alongside the quarry being rather straight and bereft of side options, a goodly scattering of number checks, fish-hooks, a view-check [second largest chalk quarry in Europe] and a Ladies check served to keep the pack together, before a gentle return to ground-level though the woods by the golf course.

Back at chez-Ringer, the roast tatties had matured to order, as had the veggie-friendly pizza, but the sausage rolls were proving difficult and would only cook from the outside, so we kept removing and eating the outer ring as they were ready and delivered them to the Circle [can you believe that 11 people consumed 100 sausage rolls - well they were Hashers so I guess that explains it].

Down-downs to the Hares, plus an award to co-hare Ringer for 300 Runs [see Haberdasher's photo for Rugby shirt being modelled]. RA Rapid Withdrawal had a subsequent engagement, so made a ...rapid withdrawal, leaving RA duties in the capable hands of Deputy Forkin'. Just about everybody seemed to have sinned and was punished in the traditional manner. And Capt F bought a lovely Hash Towel from the Haberdasher.

OnOn to next week at the Engineer's Arms, Henlow

Ringer & PP

Ringer in 300 award

Newee Busta: how many more?

Capt F all towelled up