Run 918

Plough, Wingfield

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hares: Pussies and Rapid


With the snow beginning to clear, Pussies and I decided that the best approach was to lay the trail Sunday am rather than the day before. It also allowed her plenty of time on Saturday to have her hair done, so that she would look her best for the Red Dress Run, which she then proceeded to hide under her hat. Ably supported by Phil, we set the route and it was a close run thing as to whether it look us longer to lay the trail or you lot to run (or at least amble around). I was initially worried that the trail may be a little short, but with melting snow and some devious trails, I was proved wrong. I can now save the other half for another day!

Lady P negotiates a water jump

Hash Flash.. a bit premature

Legs .. DecaRun and GM's Willy

As the Hashers began to arrive, Phil decided to walk home (he's actually worried about being named and didn't want to risk it), and was spotted by Private Parts as he started the walk back to unfair having to get up so early..

Ringer and Legs had totally forgotten to bring anything red, but fortunately Forking Dick Chair saved the day with his boutique selection, complete with designer labels. Dunstable is clearly to charity shops what Bicester outlet village is to designer wear. £3.50 for a stunning size 22 red dress according to the "designer" label. Worrying it suited FDC too well.

So on with the trail. From the check at the pub everybody went the wrong way with Shagpile, sporting his 500 runs jacket and I must say looking most handsome with a trendy goatee, not taking long to find the real trail as we set off across the fields. Down towards the kissing gate where both Lady P and Underlay threw themselves at me demanding a quick snog and then balking at girl-on-girl action. The trail then headed out towards Tebworth. With some check backs, which seemed to catch Count Roadkill every time, and with a trail around a T, we arrived opposite the Queen's Head. Across the field heading due north with GM, Private Parts looking particularly enthusiastic, the pack were caught out by a simple check which 5 Baah misread forcing a number of hashers down a wet and muddy false trail. We continued to a track and Pussies led the short cutters back towards the pub, whilst the rest of the group went on a slightly longer loop taking in the Bedfordshire scenery. The fields became ever more waterlogged and the attempts to cross stiles without getting wet feet became even more imaginative with Lady P setting the standard.

Back to the pub for some snacks laid on by Pussies and a decent pint of Fullers. The conversation was lively and varied with Gorjoyce proudly announcing how she was looking for a man who doesn't snore to share with at the August bank holiday away weekend. So, if there is anybody out there who would like to pay £120 for the pleasure of sleeping with her for a whole week the book is now open. CRK will gladly take your money.

The circle was somewhat brief as it had started to rain. The second half of Team RA awarded the down downs although I failed to keep note as to who and why. The most important though was to Legs who has now completed 10 runs and was awarded her tankard brimming with lemonade.

On On to next week at Bygrave


Harriets show off their Red Dresses ...and FDC

Pretty trail in timeless country .. but a "run"?

Confused? You will be