Run 917 (Gispert run)

Three Moorhens, Hitchin

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hare: Airscrew


Another day, another trail to lay...and again another cold and icy one. The trail took an hour to lay and 45 mins to run [run or lay? - Archive Ed].

The pack circled up at exactly 7pm with 8 runners in trainers, two Hashers still in work attire, but running all the same. The On was called over the foot bridge and into the night everybody went.

CRK and Capt F ran the first bar, allowing the pack to catch up after their skating ordeal over the bridge. Once together it was through the alleyways and down the road to the Orange Tree.

It was then over the road at the pedestrian lights and into a shiggy-soaked track before entering the 'Estate'. PP led the way, but was overtaken by Capt F, but his exuberance was curtailed by a Bar Check.

Bell End drinks...

...while Capt F waits for the bus home

The pack meandered its way to a Held before being directed into a slightly more upper-class neighbourhood. This turned out to be a big loop back up into town, with a couple of '3 to the back' thrown in for good measure.

After crossing the busy road, Capt F led the pack down the hill past the Girls' Private School, but were caught by a bar check. The real trail went down Willow Road and ended up at a view check overlooking the town and park.

Time was getting on so a short cut down the hill to the Telephone Exchange cut out the town part of the run. Capt F found the footpath quite quickly, but was called back by Forking as he (led by the hare) took the false trail. Everybody moaned but reluctantly followed until hitting the bar. Capt F was then allowed to carry on his way down a very dark footpath with no street lighting. Stealth then became the nature of the game until hitting a Ladies' Check. All were in disbelieve when the Hare hinted the way to Gorjoyce, but became convinced once an arrow had been laid.

Capt F and CRK ran down the hill towards the main road off the next check but were called back as the real route and On Inn were on the Cemetery road. It was then a quick change and in the pub for nosh.

After food and beer, it was the Down Downs: Deadmeat for not bringing skis, Bangers for bringing a wind-up torch/radio which fails to impress, Shufflecock for complaining about the cold after spending time in the Middle East, PP for a torch that looked like a hairdryer and Forking ceremoniously having to down a Garlic Bread and Chips down-down.

Hitchin Fact (written on the Pub wall): Hitchin Town F.C. 'The Canaries', were 1 of only 3 clubs to compete in the 1st ever FA Cup in 1865.

On on to the Red Dress run on Sunday

Gorgoyce sneaks into Deadmeat's portrait

Forkin' finds discarded fish'n'chips