Run 915

Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hares: Shaggy & Shagpile


Tarzan wore the birthday hat

Keep going champ

GM practises greeting smile for newees

It was on a cold but bright Saturday morning that Shagpile decided to lay the trail, so off we set with no real plan of the trail thought out. It was Shagpile's local patch and I was happy to follow him around laying false trails and admiring the skill of this seasoned of hashers. After a hour and three quarters we had laid a cunning trail which also took in the delights of Potton, if there was any.

Sunday morning and a fine gathering of hashers had arrived at the Bricklayers Arms ready and waiting, so a cry of "Circle up" and hashers responded. We had a returnee, Lady P's glamorous and lovely sister [Whitby Jet - Archive Ed], also a milestone of a birthday the also glamorous and lovely Tarzan who had turned a half century. So over to the hares who rambled on about mind the roads etc. Out of the pub car park the hash ran/plodded/walked up the road to the first bar check which our gracious GM received. The pack then descended down a track for a good two hundred yards running on no flour so were called back, it was like watching a pack of Sheep Baa. PP took up the trail up to a check, which Rapid Withdrawal took on running a false trail. Count Roadkill ran the other trail. Mekon led the pack to a ladies' check and ran the false trail, followed by Knobber and Captain F. The trail took us through more back alleys with Forking Dickchair running a bar and the usual FRBs getting caught by being just to keen. We had a group road crossing, then a shout of "check it out", the FRB shouts "On on"; "hang on" the shout comes from Flo striding up the hillock past the Church to a bar. More running, false trails, into woods, more running, more false trails and ON-INN.

So downs for the hares. Down-down for Birthday Girl Tarzan for her 50th.

Shagpile then was rewarded seven down downs for various crimes, being punished with a good measure of Port each time - slightly concerned that he was picked on. Shagpile was rewarded in the end with a bottle of Port and a jacket for turning up 500 times. You need to get a life mate, but well done from all the hash.

ON-ON to Abington Pigotts

P.S Have done the words a bit late, Thursday morning at six o'clock and it's snowing, now where's me sledge.


A trio of 500ers...

...including new 500-Club member Shagpile

RA was on form

Shagpile discovered a new drink – port – and liked it. He wasn't too sure at first but he got to grips with it eventually