Run 914

Wilbury, Letchworth

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Hares: Pecker & Twiglet



"Circle Up!"

A training run

"Hold the check"

Rain & more rain, Saturday night. Then Team RA did their magic before we set out.

The front running group Cpt Fantastic, Count Roadkill, the RA & GM, with Knobber & Airscrew were determined to check out all the numbered check backs.

Airscrew once again had looked at the map before the run, so he knew the route possibilities, RA asking Twiglet the route so he wouldn't run more than he needed. Gorjoyce ran into the Lavender field for a good sniff followed by Rainbow. When we arrived at the static home site in Ickelford, Pussies Galore was handing out morning after pills. Then we ran to some fields where Rainbow was sizing up the local Horses. We came to a held check opposite the oldest Stage-in post in Hertfordshire, apparently built for some Royal visitor. Then On On into the Nature reserve through Gerry's Pond over the Caldwell bridge a bit of train spotting for Knobber. Then up the hill for some check backs Cpt Fan, Knobber, Airscrew, Count & RA got the 4 - 3 - 2 -1 over the closing mile.

A first for Pecker a 1 hour run thanks to my brill co-Hare Twiglet.

The circle, down downs for the Hares - Newie - GM - Pussies - Forkin' Dickchair - Count, for various reasons I can't remember.

See you all in 2 weeks at Abington Pigotts.

Pecker & Twiglet

A bonny wee Gorjoyce

Trainspotting Knobber's version of "J'accuse"

Erm, not sure what Forkin's been up to here.
Still he looks pleased