Run No 910: New Years Day Hangover Hash Saffron Walden

Hashers 16 – the rest stayed in the warm!

Well after the excesses of previous nights there were 14 hardy souls gathered at the appointed start time of 9:30, well it was more like 9:35 by the time Capt F had rousted WWW and Scooper from their beds. Scrummy called things to order and after wishing all a happy New Year the hares were invited in to the circle.

After a short brief the pack were set on their way, which was actually the in trail of the previous hash; suitably amended. Donut not surprisingly picks the correct trail at the first check, but is soon overhauled by Knobber who complains that the local council have mis-spelt the road he encounters (see photo).

Pecker followed by Twiglet now hit the front and struggle to follow the trail through the maze of alleys and streets in the town centre. Here, yours truly is berated to "keep the noise down" by a Jock whom must have been celebrating Hogmanay a little too enthusiastically. Pity we had no happy pills to give him as our supply had been used.

The trail crossed to the common where a big loop put Split Blox in a dilemma, should he short cut, or follow his mum?

At the ladies check it's Hairy Gusset. Mekon and Scrummy that check it out but after a 4 to the back Shagpile finds himself in the vanguard only to discover a T. Shaggy is then

[line(s) missing – Archive Ed]

ON ON Smiffo and Screamer