Run 907

The Village Hall, Old Warden

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hare: Airscrew


They stood in line for this one (or was it to keep dry?) but someone on high sent the GM a brolly and Lady Pee a hat (note Shagpile bunkin orf early with his hangover) and some festive wear was not too convincing

Capt F didn't know which mug to drink from first, Ward 10 scooped the awards (mostly for Donut), FDC became tearful as his beloved shorts were ignited to become "The Hashes" and Travelling Stan watched from atop the tree.

Team RA thought belly-dancing might distract H5 from their appalling weather record, Deadmeat bought that one, Pussies told us about her Turko-Russian-Jewish grandfather her Tory party entertainment pedigree and her fine school attendance record and to our shame we didn't believe a word of it, and the rest you don't want to know...really you don't want to know.
2008 AGM Report

The old guard came in for a lot of criticism and one hasher made his view of their performance only too clear. Donut stood up to get a better view and then gave him short shrift. "The Walking, Talking Stephen Hawkings" are this year's Quiz Champs. The hash booted out last year's gang and elected a new GM, two new HMs and a new RA. All are clearly barking, so H5 has yet again made a good choice.