Run 904

The Stone Jug, Clophill

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hares: Bangers 'n' Forking with Madge


It turned out nice in the end

Donut in that controversial back check move

Team RA explain their love plunger

The weather broke into a clear spell between the perishing wind and persistent rain. The temperature could be measured by the colour of Forking Dickchair's protruding big toe in his well worn nike sandals. First to show up afte running from his gaff in Shefford was the new Hash Master Captain Fantaaaastic. Others appeared, hopping between the puddles before the hash set off towards Clophill High Street.

[Line(s) missing: Archive Ed]

virgins could be found for sacrifice although Underlay and Legs Eleven sneaked away quietly on a short cut.....

In the fields and hills of Clophill there were two hat-related incidents, with Ringer's bobble hat being whipped off by a twig and slapped into the following Forking's face: beneath a muffled cry it was Pussies Galore wearing a brightly coloured hat that bought back reality. This was soon shattered by seeing a surprise FRB Donut happily running back from a number check. Having just relinquished the chain of office of G.M. he was quick to pick up the chain of the FRB hashit. Number discipline was poorly kept with disobedience by Count Roadkill, Shaggy and Airscrew although their long excursion down a falsie soon made that up.

At circle up Private Parts burst into a Frankie Laine number by proclaiming 'I Believe' that was run 904. The new RA Rapid Withdrawal found many reasons for down downs, including Lady P who was not spared despite having laid on a beautiful tray of biscuits. Shagpile picked up a down down for the state of the webshite. Named as a single entity pop star Madge was keen to get into her down down, showing Bangers how to do it.

On on to 'The Cross Keys' Totternhoe..... the hares may include a familiar face...


No necromancy in St.Mary's

Proud to be an FRB - Donut

What did I do RA? Was it that bad?