Run 903

The Wheatsheaf, Biggleswade

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hares: Donut & Airscrew


The hash was often in a state of confusion on Biggleswade Common

The RA compared the hairstyles of the outcoing and incoming GMs ...

...... one day GMs will have hair like this?

Another Sunday, another wet damp morning.....well only in Biggleswade it seems, as everybody arriving for the run said the weather was fine where they had travelled from! The circle came together with a good turn out of 20 or so. First in were, the birthday girl, Screamer, and boy, SAS, followed by a rather damp and wet pair of Hares, who had been out for the previous two hours laying the trail! After an extended version of the pre run Haring advice, it was ON-ON up the road.
Smiffo led the pack up to a 'bar' then on to a check around the corner. Multiple 'bars' kept the pack busy before the trail took everybody out in to the countryside. A long run out to a numbered check, caught the 1st 4 runners Although the number on the check said 5. Screamer and Truly Scrumptious gave an elaborate set of excuses for not going to the back of the pack, and by the time they had finished the pack had caught up....
Rapid Withdrawal found the long 'falsie', then the trail through the fields was found by Pussies Galore, who obviously had her Weetabix that morning! as this was the first of many where she led the pack!! Screamer and Smiffo shot off up the bridleway only to be confronted by another 'bar' check. Screamer then declared she was 'wet', Smiffo read this as an invitation, but made a joke about sex after marriage - which led Screamer to give a scornful look!! Donut led the knitting circle on a deceptive, but extended short cut, which saw the running pack sucked into picking up several false trails'! ON back to another 'bar' before Overflobberwallabollox picked out the correct trail across a rather damp meadow. Flo, yes Flo, was then caught out at the next numbered check!!
The pack then split with Shagpile leading his flock home on a shortcut past the school, while the rest of the hash headed away from Biggleswade with many muttering that it was 11.45am, time was getting on... ...and we were still running away from the chariots!!
At 11.55am. Smiffo was quite surprised to find a bar on a trail that was taking him back to the pub and protested to the Hares! Alas, this fell on deaf ears
After a few more twists and turns, the pack started to make a beeline for home and passing an area recently vacated by Gypsies - much was said about the mess and the state of the countryside they had left behind! Flo and Truly Scrumptious were particularly upset and extremely vocal!!
Church Spire in sight, a last ladies check was bestowed on the pack. Truly Scrumptious made the gallant choice and ran the long false trail, with Pussies Galore taking the correct trail. At the end of the field was two 'grave' like trenches, which prompted Smiffo to suggest a resting place for the Hares (well it was 12.15pm). The pack finally

[Line(s) missing: Archive Ed]

limbering up pre-run exercising. White Rabbit for wearing a Hoody and scaring off three local Hoodies whilst on the run. Shagpile for speaking about Norwich and Burma (too sexually explicit for the Words), Pussies Galore for Competitive running and finally for Screamer, who decided that she could ignore a '2 to the back' check as it was after 12 o'clock!!
ON-ON to Run 904 next Sunday at The Stone Jug, Clophill.

Airscrew and Donut

The new GM is at last On Inn

Rapid handmovement: In one sense the new RA had a good first day ...

...and in another? Must put the eather into that mission statement.