Run 902

White Horse, Walkern

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hare: Donut


White Rabbit arrived in her new vehicle
The winner of this week's caption competition: Overwallahflobollox

Crossing the Walkern Ford

Hash techniques No. 69: Holding the Check

Well, thank goodness. I decided to lay the run on Sunday morning!
After the angels decided to go on the piss all Saturday evening. I doubt the trail would have survived! Early Sunday morning - clear blue skies and the current bun shining - fantaaastic!
10.58am the HM calls the circle and following a poem recital from Legs Eleven the customary 2 minute silence was observed for Remembrance Sunday.
ON-ON is called and after Forkin' found the falsie down the adjacent back street, the correct trail was found by Underlay, across the common. On to the first check and Lady P leads the pack, only to be called back [amazing that the T had been rubbed out so soon after it was layed!].
Knobber finds the correct trail, out to Church Lane where 2 'bars' force the pack to loop around and go through the Ford, then up the hill past the church only to be confronted by another 'bar', back and through the kissing gate by the Church on to a Ladies check. Lady P calls the ON across the field towards Ardeley but this a long falsie. Underlay, once again, leads the pack across the meadow, on to the first number 5 check. The usual FRBs hot foot it to the back of the pack and return to the check as the knitting circle catch up. The Count leads off followed by Forkin' checking out another false trail.
Meanwhile, Underlay and Shagpile find the correct trail only to reach the next number 4 check and have to return to the back along with Lady P and Ringer. Thongo then calls the ON. up the hill towards Bury Farm. This is a really long falsie discovered by Forkin' again and. it is Capt F that finds the right trail leading back towards Walkern. A 'bar' sends the pack back and across the field ON to another number 4 check! With the pack re-assembled, it's across the road and ON towards Bassus Green. ON to another check, where the Count and Capt F head off up the hill past the woods only to find another T'. Ringer legs it up another false trail and the crafty Knobber susses out the back check, across a field, only to find another 'bar'. Forkin' leads the pack on to another number 4 check! No falsies run here and it's the ON down the hill to a Ladies check. Lady P once again, leads the pack on another false trail, while Underlay and Flo find the correct trail back toward the High Street. A short cut is offered to the 'knitting circle' whilst the hardened hashers are sent on a mile+ loop allowing the FRBs to s_t_r_e_t_c_h their legs!
Back ON-INN to the White Lion, Shagpile calls the circle up and, after the outgoing GM Hare gets his down-down, the secret RA, Knobber, awards softy down-downs to Flo, Pussies and Legs. Followed by beers to Capt F, Thongo and Overflobberwallabollox!
ON-ON to the AGM on Saturday evening, 15/11/08 - don't forget your nominations for GM. HM, H Mistress and RA!
Next weeks run # 903 at The Wheatsheaf, Biggleswade.

ON-ON Donut

Scribe's Note: At the risk of sounding even more grovellingly servile than usual, what a fantastic job Donut has done as GM over the past couple of years. And the Hash Banker agrees wholeheartedly.

Legs gave us a Remembrance poem...

... and Overflobawally gave us a poem too

Secret RA Knobber was on form