Run 901A

Croft Base Camp, Derbyshire

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hare: Shaggy


Another weekend away at the Croft base camp in Derbyshire had a merry band of hashers winging there way up here on Friday. Shaggy and Sleepy Hollow stopped off at Bakewell to enjoy the delights of Bakewell tart with coconut and custard, lovely. We arrived at the centre to unload and start the fire, to be joined by Flo and Wallybollox. Airscrew, Capt F and Tarzan arrived later to make it the magnificent seven, and so off we went to the Hardwick Inn to be watered and fed, and we certainly were. Back to the centre for more drinking and civilized conversation, it was past midnight when people started to retire to their beds.
The following morning I was amazed to see Capt F up and ready in his lycra to do battle with a steep hill. Airscrew was up next and went in search of morning papers, and I decided to do the morning tea run to the rest of the sleepy crew. The smell of a traditional English breakfast cooking soon got the slumbering boys and girls up, Capt F had conquered his hill, Airscrew become the Hash paper boy returning with a cross section of Saturday's newspapers. After breakfast Flo got her Baps out and started to butter them, we stood admiring how she handled her buttered Baps [ooo matron]. At quarter past ten every body was ready for the walk that Tarzan had recommended to us, so off we set to Youlgreave. Half an hour later we arrived at our start point, took a team photo and set off. The walk was part of the Limestone Way and seemed quite a popular route as we passed quite a few ramblers. The walk took us down a steep section which had some every slippery steps down into the Lathkill Dale, we followed the winding river Lathkill spotting Big Dippers on the way [a small bird].
On a hash walk it is a unwritten rule that a suitable establishment selling real ale is a must, and Tarzan had come up trumps. Perched high above Lathkill Dale stood Lathkill Hotel, with great beer and glorious views and an open fire. We sampled the beer favoring the Titanic as this seemed to go down every nicely. So after the beer stop we stepped outside to get Flo's baps out. With Flo's baps in our hands we admired the views [ooo matron]. Back down to the river up the other side and across the fields to the car park, a walk of just under seven miles.
Back at the centre, tea and cake, a snooze for Capt F, while the rest of the rosy-cheeked clan relaxed reading books/newspapers. The Chefs for the evening were Shaggy F*****G Ramsey and Capt for Christ sake feed your kids decent food from sainsburys Oliver. Peeling spuds is boring unless you have a race at seeing who can peel a 2.5kg bag the fastest. Sliced fingers and ten minutes later, the winner was the one who could count to ten with his own fingers. On the menu was pate on toast, followed by La toadie in la holey with Bakewell tart for dessert. We were made to eight by the arrival of Rapid Withdrawal, so with dinner being cooked, we were joined in the Kitchen by Flo Nice Baps Lawson for her Onion Gravy.
Dinner was served and was well received, washed up and put away. More drinking, games were played late into the night, off to bed, except for Capt F and Rapid Withdrawal who in true hash spirit polished of a bottle of port while solving all the world's problems. In other words got pissed and talked a load of old b******s. Sunday got up and done run 901a. Capt F, Wallybollux, Flo, Airscrew, Sleepy Hollow, Tarzan, Rapid Withdrawal to supply the words. A big big thank you to all of you who took the time and effort to make this a great weekend, you are the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN cheers

ON ON Shaggy [now that, Underlay, is what I call PROPER Words: cheers Shaggy ....... Ed]