Run 901

Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Skidmark with The Angel of Sandy

New bitch on the block sizes up Madge

Rainbow with proud new owners

Words I promised. Words you get.........

Bearing in mind it is now three days ago and at my age (39 this year) it's difficult to remember the exact events that unfolded at run 901, other than:

Dust got washed out over night, so we had to re-lay it first thing in the morning on Sunday. Doh! I had a severe (when I say severe, I mean SEVERE!) case of man flu, which as we all know is more excruciating than child-birth, but I soldiered on manfully without complaining. Rainbow's new Mum and Dad turned up with her but she says she is embarrassed to find out they are called 'David & Helen' and SAS had the 'Gayest Hat In The Village' (see pic).

Despite a promise of far-off ground to be enjoyed on the run, it was constrained to the Potton locale. Hashers ran hither and thither, with a little more thither than hither I thought, and then we all arrived back at the pub. Excellent Hobgoblin was quaffed and Stilton and cheddar gobbled, and all the time the merry Hfivers chuckled away and enjoyed much witty banter about Bowel Movements! Such mirth! Look out Ross and Brand, we are after your jobs.

ON ON to Walkern

Shagpile (cos Underlay has failed to do the Words, Again!)

Some hats you can get away with ...

... some you just can't

Thinking of violations was a serious business