Run 900

The Lordship Arms, Benington

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hares: Private Parts & Count Roadkill


Jolly Jelly Baby Check

Airscrew as The Wet Snapper

Boys will be boys cake check

It was very wet, but this hash had super attitude and loved their jelly baby check and were thrilled to bits with Lady Pee's 900 cakes (no, no she didn't make 900 cakes - you know what I mean). But enough headlining, let the RA give you chapter and verse...

It was a small group that turned up at the Lordship Arms for H5's 900th run. The weather was topping up the shiggy, although somehow the rain didn't seem particularly noticeable. The HM called the circle (or, more correctly, noticed that a circle had formed) before learing [sic] that there were no birthdays, anniversaries, newies, returnees or anything else interesting whatsoever. Scooby Doo, who was originally due to co-hare this run had to do a diving instructing course this weekend, so PP called upon the services of Count Roadkill - who was only too happy for an excuse to sample the liquid delights of the Lordship.

A brief introduction and off we went. After a couple of falsies found by Airscrew and Underlay, the pack soon found the first ladies check, suitably modified for the occasion. There were two options from here, with the correct route leading towards Bennington. Flo and Donut both made it this far, and Shagpile made it as far as the veterans check before deciding that the beer at the Lordship just couldn't wait any longer! Aircon chose to stop to regain his breath for a short while - thereby missing out on the number 9 check. (An interesting fact about the number 9: you can tell if a number is divisible by nine by adding up all the digits. If the result is divisible by 9, then so is the original number. This also works for numbers divisible by 3).

The hash, meanwhile did not have time to consider the mathematical significance of this run, having been advised of the excitement awaiting them at future checks. The trail made its way across the fields to the south of Bennington, to a place where there is a confluence of paths. Here we stopped for a jelly baby check - SAS and Scrummy in particular enjoyed this, and BoF got Aircon's share because he had wimped out of the earlier number check. From there we had long stretch uphill, which CaptF took at a gallop, while Thongo chose a more leisurely pace. Everyone was rewarded at the end of the track by Lady P's special, limited edition run 900 cakes - although the sight of a load of runners standing at the side of the road eating cake confused at least one passing motorist!

From there we made our way back to the pub with a nice long track through the woods. After enjoying the selection of beers on offer, the circle was called. The hares were rewarded for their efforts, OverWollah FloBollox acted as secret RA, and almost everyone got a drink (or a cake) for something...

On On to Potton


A close up of those Scrummy cakes

That apres cake feeling

That down-down feeling