Run 899

chez Capt F, Shefford

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hares: Capt F & Knobber


Happy Anniversary Hares from H5

Some of the progeny

A prominent feature of Shefford

The RA reminded us of Rule 1

This morning, the local news reported the attempted theft of a cash point in Potton, by using a JCB to lift the ATM out of the wall. I also found a large vat of chilli and several baked spuds in the fridge.

Tarzan had laid on loads of grub, including hot veggie and carnivore chilli, not so hot chilli, Bangers' bangers, spuds and beans, followed by [??? ..Ed] Muddy's apple pie and Gorjoyce's crumble with a hint of something I've forgotten, which is just as well as it is secret. And, custard as well.

A good deal of Shefford bitter was thrown around in the circle, as if there was too much to go round. The hares, along with Tarzan and Hairy Gussett, celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. Scooper tackled the half yard, the entire Knobber family suffered for something, Capt F for being camp in Campton, and Tarzan was brought in to the circle for

[Missing line(s) - Archive Ed.]

The long On Inn up Amptill Road came before the hares had put in a cheeky last loop from the war memorial up to the River Hit and back, which the pack ran backwards, but actually the right way. No -one followed Knobber's arrow into Somerfield before the trail had come through the new housing estate where all the roads are named after WWII entities. From there it was under the A507 and out of the Shefford Millenium Project, and along the lower reach of the Hit. The hares mislead the pack on the paths around Polehanger Farm, where Lady P found one of the smallest Ts ever laid on a H5 hash.

Eventually, the pack found its way across the field and into the middle of Campton to a held check. Having just run the real trail, the pack checked out the falsies before finding the way out to the early part of the trail. A number check sent the FRBs back to the front, and under the A507 for the first time to an endless loop around the graveyard, and eventually back via a couple of falsies to Capt F's place, at the beginning.

The pack left before the circle of fourteen hashers was formed, as no one else was coming. This could explain the chilli and spuds in the fridge. But not the cashpoint [Shagpile's absence could... Ed].

For ease of recollection, these words were written in reverse chronology.



Synchronised anniversary drinking

The Knobber family in mass down-down

Pussies after a quck scrump