Run 898

Jolly Coopers, Flitton

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hares: Bangers (minus Madge) & Forking Dickchair


Can't get the pics off my phone!

The Jolly Coopers is a quiet hidden away pub several hashers had not come across before. First to arrive in a rather gay fashion on his bike in lycra with legs shaven was wine connoisseur Captain Faaaaaantastic. Nineteen hashers assembled for the circle before the off out the pub and into the fields between Wardhedges and Silsoe.

An early hold check gave the FRBs including G-String, Shagpile (FRB! I think not, I was at the back walking!-Shagpile)and Knobber a chance to swot up on the Beaumont Tree, a place of local lore where a highwayman was speared through the heart with an elm stake, for a tree to subsequently sprout from the embedded spear. Looking for a similar use of the golden hashit plunger was the hare Forking Dickchair. FRBs Five Bah, Ringer and Rapid Withdrawal were caught at many of the number checks, being the most athletic member of the hash. Gorjoice also proclaimed her athleticism although it was debatable she was referring to her indoor sports activities.

On entering Silsoe the route came across a circular labyrinth in the millennium park where Donut led S.A.S. dutifully followed by Truly Scrumptious along the correct path only to find a lady check. Skidmark and Underlay set the pace towards Silsoe Agricultural College, where studies are made on squiggy, or is that shiggy at the soil research unit. There being a more qualified doctor in shiggy, Private Parts present in the hash there wasn't a lot to be learnt there so a direct route back for the short cutters was made, with the hardened members of the athletic hash taking a scenic detour around a ploughed field obviously in an advanced state of shiggy study.

At circle up at the end many of the above were awarded down downs with the twentieth hasher who admitted to coming late, Nik Nak, was kindly given liquid assistance. The co-hare Bangers made a quick change and was last seen exiting the car park dressed smartly in a shirt and tie for an important bowling commitment.

On On to the wine and cheese party at Capt F's gaff...