Run 897

The Stag, Stotfold

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hares: Airscrew & Donut


Happy Birthday H5 from the Hares

Bangers, found out later

Bell End, congratulations

Forking, party hat allowed just this once

Well after a sess! in London the night before I was glad of a co-hare - fact I was sooo tired and lacklustre that Donut planned the run and I followed him around laying falsies, etc. The forecast was for rain on Sunday and the they got it right for a change - it soaked us when we laid it and when we ran it....only chose to stop after the down downs

With the Standalone Farm 10k run and Bedford Triathlon, the circle was a measly 9 including mutt and hares! The ON-ON was called at 11.15...delay in getting coats on and confirming with the Chef that we would be 10 for lunch, turned out we were 13 in the end! Five Baah led the pack out of the pub and up to the main road. A few false trails led the pack north in to the housing estate and on to the church. Overflo and Flo were caught running through a bar check, by the secret RA, who is he or she you ask; find out later!

The pack meandered its way through the alleyways and ended up running along the river to the very fast moving Asoy - luckily a false trail was bestowed on Flo and it was back to the trail heading north again around the new houses on the east

[Missing line(s) - Archive Ed.]

to the recreation ground. After multiple loops of the skate board park it was back in to housing and past the Murco garage. Flo stopped to admire the flora and fauna, which she did on many an occasion!...

The pack led, again by Five Baah and Capt F - too ill for Standalone but made it to the Hash - 32 ulcers in his mouth after France, shouldn't of had the frog legs. ...but thankfully a round of medicine meant he was on the mend and ulcer free. The pack was then overtaken by Underlay and Shagpile in their car, surely that's cheating and they weren't awarded a Down Down for it, we'll get them next week!

The pack very wet, cold and tired crossed the main road and headed home, Lady P not being able to hear us shouting false trail with her hood on, managed to add another quarter of a mile to her run, while the rest of the pack cut through the houses and on to the ON-INN opposite the pub entrance.

Sanctuary ... for it was weally wet

It was weally, weally wet

Flo's SUPER birthday cake

Many many apres Hashers appear from various sporty events and it was on out for Down Downs under multiple umbrellas. The Secret RA (for it was Bangers) gave down downs to the Hares, Overflo and Flo, Capt F, Forking and not to be left out, Lady P and himself!

Congrats to Bell End for pending fatherhood...
Flo then gave a song, while showing off the cake she had made with all the Hashers names on. The song even included Travelling Stan and coming of age! (she'll explain, she may even sing it again next week for us )

Post Run Note: Someone??? who will remain unnamed, cocked up on our age!! We were born 6th October 1991, which makes us only 17 !!, apologies to Travelling Stan - you have to wait one more year to ..........?????

ON-ON to next weeks run at the Jolly Coopers, Flitton.