Run 896

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hares: The Count & PP


Named after the patron saint of revenge, the great metropolis of Stevenage is not a place we often visit as a hash. But how appropriate, on the eve of our 18th, that we return to the place where we were conceived. Founding fathers, for you were surely present at that event, correct me if I am wrong.
Oft maligned it is also the place from which many a local lad has made good. Fl leader Lewis Hamilton, Ryder Cup hero lan Poulter, Smiffo and The Count, to name but a few. It was our good fortune to see some of the equally varied faces of present day Stevenage, in brilliant sunshine, from the base of North Herts CAMRA's Pub of the Year since 2006 - with a selection of beers so good it had Shagpile clutching his balls

Fairlands Lake - bring your own bucket

Lost? In woods? In Stevenage?

Hard core that got harder

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Shephall Green guarded by a ladies check which Screamer was the first to negotiate. This for all the world is a charming little village, complete with fine church and quite a respectable pub. But Shagpile had retired by this point after a twinge from an old 'Nam wound, and back at the Mutual having a scratch.
Next, with Underlay first to find the trail after Smiffo showed a worrying level of local knowledge, it was on to Fairlands Valley complete with waterless lake. Now if we had been in Liverpool I'd have said it had been nicked, but who would do that in Stevenage? Whoever, they left a sign warning of the risk of drowning but, as Private Parts said, you would have to bring your own bucket to drown in there today.
Finally Monks Wood. Now had it been left to me I would have missed out the woods, but in a futile attempt to find shiggy PP had laid a trail through quite an extensive piece of woodland. But not one this hare could find again. Nonetheless another side of the town not well known to outsiders and we did get out eventually.
In the circle Shagpile and Underlay owned up to their tin anniversary, and Underlay also had a drink for her birthday. RA Rapid Withdrawal had to work hard to find miscreants in this well behaved hash but managed to hit upon SAS - who also had his kecks deftly lowered by Underlay - Scrummy, Screamer & Smiffo (good to see them up from Wiltshire for the weekend to celebrate their one quarter anniversary, and with Munchkin), Flo and The Count. But yours truly would have to work even harder to remember what they were said to have done.
A hard core of hashers had made suitable arrangements to enjoy some of the excellent ale

[Missing line(s) - Archive Ed.]


On On to The Stag at Stotfold and the 18th Birthday celebrations.

There will probably be a meal after 897 for those keen on taking this birthday seriously.

If you want to eat send someone an email.

Shagpile & Underlay, anniversary

SAS goes all shy with Scrummy

Screamer holds Thongo's next beer