Run 895

White Horse, Broom

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hare: Shaggy


Caution, reluctant

Scrummy, hot as RA and just hot

Nik Nak, 300th run

It was a glorious day.
The sort that August deserves.
The GM, HMs and RAs were AWOL.
So Overflobawollox assumed immaculate control of the circle.
Shaggy laid the trail on his own.

Caution and his reluctance to get out of bed seemed to be blamed.
And he seemed to accept that.
Broom is said to be notoriously difficult to lay a trail from.

[Missing line(s) - Archive Ed.]

And then back.
And so on.
And it did.
Except for Airscrew who ran his own trail occasionally stumbling upon dust.
But it was a lovely day, so what the heck.
The pine needle style inevitably leads to inadvertent short cuts.
One of these lead Mekon & Splitblox to dally at a pleasant lakeside held check.
Until the rest of the hash turned up to spoil it.
Pity no one thought of a beer stop.
We thought of a beer stop when we passed The Cock ...three times.
Not something we like to do even once.
Capt F was the notable FRB running most needles.
Obviously happy in his new gay running shoes.
He said they weren't new but still drank from both of them.
Scrummy said she was hot and got away with it.
Because she was secret RA.
She nabbed Caution Container for not laying the run.
And Airscrew for not running it.
And Mekon for ... do you know I can't remember.
And Shaggy for something equally memorable.
Airscrew carried a plunger around with him for a reason no one knew and then gave it to Capt F to take to France (is any of this making any sense?).
And it was Nik Nak's 300th Run.
And a really lovely day.


(North Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year 2006 to 2008)

777-shirt trio

Capt F shows off his gay new shoes

Airscrew, plunger and lakeside check