Run 894

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hare: Capt Fantaaastic


The WURDZ this week are going to be short – very short due to the following factors:

  • Spending the previous evening in the Shuttleworth Steam Fayre beer tent, meant that I was pretty hung over. My head was throbbing and the sunlight was all too much.
  • A serious attack of CBA

Airscrew, affected

Shaggy, local

[Line(s) missing - Archive Ed]

assistant RA stepped up to the plate in truly magnificent fashion. The GM calls the circle and Mekon announces that it's her 10th anniversary but Dan Dare is not there because he's at home nursing the sick co-hare. No other announcements and no newies. In fact there were very few oldies either, fifteen if my memory is correct. There was a late comer, but more of that later.

The off is called and it's a Capt F trade mark check immediately outside of the pub. To be fair doesn't take the rabble long to sort out and we finally move away from the pub towards Henlow Church. It's a bar check along the road which means that the pack have to make a loop of the football field. The Sunday boys league match is in full swing, but for some reason Nik-Nak decides to join the game. The linesman was not best pleased and looks like he's about to charge down the "lost" hasher, but just in time she steps off the pitch. On the way out of the park, a short detour is required up the climbing frame and down the swirly slide.

The run took us to a ladies check just besides Henlow Grange. Unusually, the path straight on was the falsie and the real trail was down to the left of the Grange. What followed was a hugely long straight bit and the only possible way of keeping everyone together was by some un-subtle use of numbered checks. Sorry for this, but it really does work and again only the usual FRBs that were greatly affected (most notably Rapid Withdrawal and Airscrew). Towards the middle of the track to Langford was a Black-Berry check. The view by the lake was stunning, but few of the hashers seemed to appreciate it. After a short break, it was on again and at the next check, Shaggy decides to ignore the on-on calls from Airscrew. Local knowledge and a reluctance to go uphill unnecessarily are pretty powerful calls of nature.

A bit further on and the hash get a real treat as Raja is spotted running along behind. The arrows had been diligently laid by the hare and Raja had had no problem finding us, despite turning up quite late. The trail out of Langford was spotted pretty soon. The numbered checks did their job once again and pretty much most of the hash arrived at the outskirts of Henlow together. The run-in was

[Line(s) missing - Archive Ed]

Mekon, anniversary

OverWallahBolloxFlo, pied

Back at the pub, Flo tucks into all the pies with a bit of help from Donut, Ward 10 and OverWallahBolloxFlo. The circle was a bit of a blur for me. So I am going to have to make it up. Mekon got her anniversaire down-down. The hare got his two (i.e. two halves as he was not capable of downing a whole pint in one go). Plenty of others were also awarded, but it was all lost on me. Raja announced his engagement which was great news. So many congratulations to a great couple and let's hope we see a lot more of them over the coming months.

On-On to run 895 - the White Horse, Broom.

Capt F