Run 892

Lytton Arms, Knebworth

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Hares: Scoobie, PP and The Count


Lady P ... awaiting rescue

Ringer ... releases inner child

Scooper gives verdict on Scooby down-down

The first Sunday run after summer 2008 was also the day that the GM's remarkable 45 run consecutive attendance was finally ended. In addition the HMs were away and the RA was on haring duty, so OverBolloxFloWolla took charge of the opening pleasantries. We had two birthdays, plus a couple of visitors (Peter & Charlotte) before the hares took charge of the circle. This was disturbed by the disturbing disturbance of the somewhat disturbed Forking Dickchair. Fortunately there were few casualties, and we all set off on the trail.

Haring an H5 run can be challenging sometimes: first you have the challenge of getting lots of people to turn up (especially when Sunday morning starts grey and rainy); next there is the problem of getting people to move. This trail attempted to resolve these issues; we started from the Lytton Arms, a rather good ale house - so we had a good turn out. The second issue was resolved by laying the trail through (and over) the local play area. Lady Penelope accepted the challenge of the climbing arch, watched by Pecker - but had to be rescued by Thongo who gave a stylish demonstration of how it should be done! PP was first down the slide - ending up with a wet arse as a result, Scrummy and Shannon were seen swinging and Peter enjoyed the roundabout. Somehow there's nothing like releasing your inner child once in a while.

...well, maybe not. Unfortunately Scooby Dooby Doo's inner child appears to be a relation of Dennis the Menace - and a number of hashers were hugged by this muddy monster from the stinking lagoon! This part of the run took the form of a pan-handle, with some people heading off clockwise and others anti-clockwise (and a few more following Cap'n F in an exploration off-trail, joining up back at the dinosaur check). Lady P played the Heidi role well, acting as shepherdess as the pack crossed a field of sheep. Knotch made it through the bracken, which was taller than she was while Knobber and Penetrator looked far too energetic! They both joined Ringer and others who had to double back at the last fishhook before home. Pecker was evidently saving himself for his mammoth task next week (running London to Dover, swimming the channel and then cycling to Paris). Nobody knows why, but if God had meant man to exercise as much as that he'd never have given us aeroplanes.

The end circle took a while to happen (there is a very good choice of beer at the Lytton) but birthdays were rewarded, newcomers were welcomed and the hares were topped up with ale. Rapid Withdrawal reminded us of the forthcoming end of school holidays. Scooby doo was made to stand in the corner (a bit difficult in a circle, so RW made him stay in the middle), Forking was reprimanded for improper attire (failure to wear his deckchair) and Cap'n F for trying to make us imagine his bum. Scooby doo decided he didn't like the lager he was being given, and would even prefer flour. The requested flour chaser was added and his drink was consumed (and partially mixed with his hair) - although Scooper evidently did not approve of that particular cocktail!

Fortunately lunch at the Lytton was rather more palatable - about a dozen of us stopped for some good food and more fantastic beer before heading for home.

ONON to Rowney Warren

Private Parts


Scooby lures Penetrator into the stinking logoon

Peter has a welcome hand from Scooby

Pecker, helping make aeroplanes reduntant