Run 888

George & Dragon, Long Melford

Friday 8/8/08 (geddit?)

Hares: Donut, Underlay & Shagpile

HASHERS: 47  ANKLE BITERS: 12  (maybe not all hashed)

Donut and his co-hares did such a great job of organising a superb day that it wouldn't be at all surprising if they couldn't find the time or energy to write some Wordz: and I can't be arsed either. So this week the story of 888 in pictures


Stars of the hashing world were collected from all parts of the known universe and taken to Suffolk for a run and a beer stop. Travelling Stan was only there for the view and the water was very welcome

We had super shirts and wore them to eat and drink and generally be merry in although Smeg wasn't too merry and G-String had a 200 Run Hat and Rapid a shiny 50 Run Tankard

Shagpile took the Good Crack Award and everyone tried to solve the 888 puzzle and one team did but cheated but Donut didn't notice and it rained sweets and Scooper's new beer glasses worked on Lady P